Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Bags For Grab (CLOSE)

Mini-cross body bag. 

I made this bag last year, but I never got to use it so I thought of selling it and giving others the chance to use it. It has a lot of room for things you need while traveling and even a bottle of water can fit in it. The black and white fabric was a leftover from a previous project and since I had a little bit of that left, then I used it to make this bag and I bought the red canvas. Made of good materials and sturdy. It has adjustable straps as well.


The exterior front pocket. 

Another bag for grab is what I called the "Bucket Bag" because it has a round bottom. The bag has yellow lining, with metal rings and clasps, and has tons of room for your stuff. It can be a beach bag, diaper bag, even school bag, or just an everyday bag. The color and the Chevron effect is hot this season, so you will feel stylish while toting around with this bag. It does not have an adjustable strap, but it has a removable strap.

I also added a vintage lace around the top of the bag for that added detail and lace is also a big thing these days.

The yellow lining of the bag is sort of like your secret inside the bag as you never see it coming. It's an unexpected surprise when you look inside it. It has my tag sewn in inside as well. No closure added and just plenty of room for your things. Let me know if you are interested in any of these bags and I will give you some more details.

If you are interested please leave me a message. My email address is on the contact page above. Let me know!

And here is a camera bag for mommy Sheila Worthington that I just finished and ready to ship. Thank you so much for your business with me and hope you love your bag. I am mailing this first thing in the morning.

We are off to a short road trip today and hoping things will go well. Have a great day, everyone!!! I'll see you when we get back!


  1. I love the second bag and the camera bag, dang girl! you are rocking on making some cool stuff...wishing you much success... thanks for stopping by!Handful of Cuteness

  2. wow, they are really indeed beautiful and creative, i love the last one, i wish i can order too but the shipping would be more than the price of the bag itself, thanks for the visit and hope you can join green monday meme :)

  3. wow this is the first time i am seeing your are so crafty and creative. I like the fabric choice colors and lace trimmings. Well done!


  4. Ang gaganda!!! I like all three of them :D I just bought a bag last weekend, kaya medyo hold off muna ako from buying any bags ;) Galing galing mo naman, Adin. Nakakabilib talaga :)

  5. Lovely are truly a good sewer. That's a pretty camera bag.

  6. You are talented Mommy Adin!

    Thanks for joining Color Connection, have a great weekend!

  7. Grabe ka-talented nimo Mommy Adin! Unta matakdan ko! LOL. Love all of your creations! ;-)

    BPC hop ko dalikyat on a Saturday night. Kapoy kaayo kay we have a very long day today. Whole day nga church service plus 9pm na mi kaabot kay naa man Revelation Seminar series. :)

  8. Camera bag is cute... Agree ko kay Mommy Rcel, talented gyud kau ka Mommy Adin kay lisod gyud manahi...

    Visiting for 110 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  9. you inspired me I actually bought a sewing kit yesterday..can't wait to sew this week... thanks for stopping by Tales from my so called Life

  10. Those bags are lovely, and they are not even expensive!

    Hopping by and following your FB, twitter and Pinterest.

    The Quiet Mom @ You can visit directly to my latest post:

  11. that is one beautiful and colorful bag Momi Adin :-) great job, you are so skillful :-) Dropping by from CC.


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