Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Time: Crested Butte, Colorado- 2010

Since we have not done any road trips lately, I'll just show another photos of our trip in Colorado two summers ago in the year 2010. Of course! This was at Crested Butte, Colorado after we camped out at the Rosey Lane Campground, we headed to the town and was lucky enough to have found one room left. The town was super busy and since it was my birthday, we had to rent a nice room for the night and we spent my birthday there with some really good oven brick pizza. Here are some photos!


Hmmm... Chocolate Factory! They had some really good chocolates and it was a tough decision which one to get. It is a serious matter, let me tell you.

The birthday girl at the Brick Oven Pizzeria.

We were glad to have found one more room left for that night or we would not know where to go to settle for the night. We had to get our cooler inside the lodge as well because of the bears that could possibly be around town rummaging for food in people's vehicles.

 Cristiana European Lodge
Crested Butte, Colorado- 2010

Breakfast at the Lodge

Before leaving town and heading to the next town, we stopped by at the Crested Butte, Colorado market to grab some more things for camping. Just look at that view. I love the mountains!


  1. Wow Colorado resembles our state, so many mountains and trees! Love love love the views! Sweet tooth ka din pala Mommy Adin, ako hindi but my lovelies are.

  2. Yes mommy I am, but not as bad as my husband na sobrang sweeth tooth. Kaya when we go to the store, we try not to pass by the chocolate aisle. hahaha... thank you mommy.

  3. The view is definitely lovely...Btw, how far is this from the city? like Denver? I love how their downtown looks like...very vintage. hehehe!

    visiting from TT.

    1. It is beautiful out there and we just love the mountains. The summer is cool and pleasant at least at that time we were there. Though it rains a lot in the afternoon, which seems to happen a lot in Colorado, but we love it. I think it is about a hundred miles away from Denver and the other site says it is about 200 or so. Not so sure, but it's really far!

  4. What a nice way to celebrate a birthday. The views around there are just refreshing, it looks like it is surrounded by a forest in the photos. And oh the chocolates! I will definitely be trying a few if i was there.

    A visit from BPC and Tuesday Travels

  5. colorful building and interesting place

  6. you live in the beautiful place Momi Adin :-) murag tugnaw ba jud kaau dha sa Colorado, d ba? Dropping by from BPC.


  7. oh,my! what a stunning place...nice kau ang palibot woi...ibog man sad ta...ehehehe!

    bpc hop mami!

  8. Nice photos and scenery love it sis :D I hope someday we can stop over there for the West Coast Jeep Jamboree. BPC hop!

  9. I love the views of Colorado jud oi. I wish I can visit the state and stay there for days kay lami kaayo ang mga views sa mountains jud! Your photos are just equally breathtaking Mommy! :)

    BPC hop!

  10. it's a pretty place! i can imagine the dilemma at the chocolate factory! hahaha! late bpc hop here.

  11. wow! love the color of this town. very neat and so clean! reminds me of old days...

    late visit from TT, hope u can drop by

  12. love the breathtaking nature views sis. so elegant looking lodge too. visiting from TT.

  13. Back here Mommy Adin for last week's TT! I am inviting you again to come and join for this week's share! Linky is now up! :)

  14. im here again and this time from BPC!
    sorry for the late visit.

  15. what a beautiful place you live Momi Adin. Beautiful views and pictures. Great bond with the family. Dropping by from last weeks TT



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