Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's All In Our Yard

With the few months that we have left spending time at home and in our huge yard, we make the most out of it and we always like to hang out outside in our backyard. Yes, we are moving to a new town about four hours away from Chetopa, Kansas. Bittersweet experience this is going to be, but we hope this will turn out to be of a good move.  I'll talk more about that later on. Anyway, lately we have been enjoying some fruits and vegetables in our yard and we got to pick some plums again. And from picking plum turns out to be of a pictorial moment as well. We sure love our yard so much and we worked so hard to get this place beautiful. Here are some photos.

You may have noticed by now if you are following my blog that my boy loves to wear nothing but a diaper when he is at home. Cute though!

Picking up some plums and my little man's truck is loading them up to take back inside the house. Thank you little man for helping mama.

My little girl loves to eat plums or fruits in general. She is the one that has the appetite. 

Our yard. 
We have all kinds of things going on here and if you want to know, I'll mention some of the fruits we have. Raspberry bush, Plums, Rainier cherries, blueberries, gooseberries, Pomegranate, pears, apples, grapes, blackberries, vegetables, etc. I mean tons of things and whenever my husband mows the yard it takes him hours to get it done.

From picking plums to mama pictorial. This is what I wore. 
As you can see I always like to wear my hair in a bun. It's easy to do when I don't have much time to even fix my hair. What can you say I am a mother of two. 

Top: Freebie. Was from my mother-in-law. Altered and I added that detail on the front with little white buttons.
Skirt: Another thrifted skirt that was part of $1 a sack. Shortened a bit.
Shoes: SIMPLE $16.99 via 6pm.com. Awesome and comfy shoes.

Photo via 6pm.com

I love it! Perfect for wearing even around the house. Comfy, comfy, comfy. 
I could no longer find another pair of these online.

Behind us is our vineyard that my husband worked really hard for.  Excited to get some fresh homegrown grapes this year.

Have a great day!!!


  1. I will pray na easy lahat sa pag lipat ninyo. It will be all good for all of you! Take care!
    My kids too love no clothes than underwear when they are at home.

  2. I love to have a place like yours. I always wanted to have big backyard with many fruit trees. The problem is we can't afford to buy that kind of house and land.

    well, hope everything will turn out good when you and your family move. Have a nice day my friend and enjoy.


  3. Hope you will have an easy move. I wish to have fruit trees and veggies in our backyard as well :-)

  4. love your place there.how i wish to have like those esp. grapefruit vines :|

    ..from BPC 143 :)

  5. Kasayang naman.. Siguro mas nice and house and mas wider and yard sa balhinan ninyo Mommy:)

    Visiting for the 143 challenge..


    1. Mommy that is why we are a bit sad we are leaving because the place where we are going to end won't have a yard as huge as this. We just hope we can find and nice house and a nice place to stay and maybe even decide to buy a new one when we like it. We are still going to keep this place though since we will be coming back during holidays, summer or during school breaks. Thank you!

  6. Beautiful photos. Yummy plums. Love your top and skirt, Aidn.

  7. awww! the fruits of labor :-) I love your backyard Momi Adin...so huge and looks so peaceful...yummmy plums for the pretty Shelby :-) Returning from BPC

  8. Wow Mommy Adin-- finally, you are gonna move na jud? Still in Kansas ba? Congrats to your hubs for the new job! Nice news! :)

    I bet you will miss your house, esp. the goodies in your yard! Balik na pud mo sa uno sa new place. :)

    It will be challenging but really fun, too! :)

    BPC hop!

    Re: Pagbalik na namo from vegas matanom naku ang malunggay. Imoha diha Mommy atimana aron maka-sabaw na ta soon! Lol.

    1. Pastilan mommy kay usa raman ni tubo oi itanum lang ni nako ang uban nga seeds gamay nalang na habilin kana inig balhin namo sa pot lang gihapon nako itanum. Oo mommy Rcel sa Kansas lang gihapon mga four hours diria nadawat jud tawn. We are still keeping our place kay tungod sa duol man ang balhinan makauli-uli mi ug naa school break, holidays and in summer. At least we are not going to loose the house at all medyo iban-ibanan ang kamingaw. hehehe.. thank you!

  9. wow! complete na diay na inyong yard diha mommy Adin, and it's a BIG yard!!! moving bitaw jud is bittersweet. anyway, new memories will be made man pud sa new place. bpc hop here!

    1. Thank mommy Pinx. We look at this moving as a positive thing and we will make it positive. Right now it hasn't sink in na magmove na jud diay mi ug new place and it will happen until next month inig mangita nami ug new place. We still are keeping this place mommy kay mag-uli2x man pod mi since duol2x man lang so during the holidays or the summer ari mi tambay.. we love this place we could not easily let go of it. Oo mommy daghan na jud tanum sa yard perting busy kaayo na. Daghan sad kaayo mga wildlife diria na namuyo sa yard. hahaha... maka attract na ug mga mananap. Ug wala pa lang ni kural aw hasta siguro ang deer ug mga baka ari na. hahaha...

  10. nice to be back here!! what a garden, I was all excited about the fruits that you have there! we are in our third year here and actually started planting veggies and fruits. and we do not do a lot of mowing;)
    great to see your kids!!

    1. Hey there, Mayet! Thank you for stopping by. We sure do a lot of mowing in this yard or else the city will evict us if we don't. LOL! Lots of mowing to do especially now that there are tons of things happening in our yard. It makes for a very lengthy mowing. My poor husband! Good luck on planting your veggies and fruits! It's nice to have something fresh and that we grew it ourselves.

  11. oh wow! i love plums i find them so yummy! lucky u have that in your yard. ur little boy is so cute with just his diaper. hehehe.. presko daw mommy. =)
    thanks for joining BPC! balik na ta sa myphotomeme.com


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