Sunday, February 10, 2013

Food Lately... According To My Camera

For my family we rarely go out to eat so I do all of the cooking. I like being able to cook our own food in our own kitchen because I get to be in control of what to cook and what goes in with our food. Trust me if I say that before I didn't use to like cooking or didn't have a clue about cooking at all. Well, I guess before I knew how to cook rice, eggs, fry fish, or make fish soup, but that's about it. Didn't know how to bake either. I have really come a long way and if only my mama and papa are here, they would surely be surprised at how much I have changed when it comes to cooking. Yes, I can cook and bake. Not a professional, but a homecook that is. These are food that we've enjoyed lately that I made myself. I have been making a lot of homemade bread (pan de sal and spanish bread) and some steamed buns as well. Enjoy! If you are ever interested in the recipe and want to make it yourself, let me know!

Homemade Pan de sal in the morning paired with hot cappuccino. Oh so good!
Homemade Steamed Buns (siopao) with chicken filling.
 photo FoodCollage_zps3aa1c705.png

Spanish bread (the cigar looking ones) and pan de sal
 photo LIFE385_zps18bf630d.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollagebuns_zpsbb9fd1a4.jpg

Seafood (fish) Pasta, roasted chicken with potatoes and lots of garlic (yum), and my own version of caldereta.
 photo PicMonkeyCollageFood_zps70fde467.jpg

And of course, gotta stay on that healthy diet so we stocked up some vegetables and fruits. And oh, I bought some raw peanuts the other day and boiled them myself with a little bit of salt, oh so good! Good as snacks and some raw almonds as well. My newly fave drink is the Tropicana Farmstand Cranberry Pomegranate Veggie juice and Cranberry Pomegranate. How about you? Any food that you have been craving or enjoyed lately? I hope everyone's having a great weekend! Keep it healthy!
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