Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Product Review: Posylane's Personalized Quilted Backpack

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Right about the time where I was going to buy my little man his own backpack that Posy Lane came at the right time. I was given the privilege to review one of their products and they sent me a Personalized Stephen Joseph Train Quilted Toddler's Backpack in Blue. My little man sure was excited when he saw the backpack with the choo choo train on the front because he loves trains and he was even excited to go to school with his dadda. It also has his named embroidered on the green flap of the bag, which makes it personalized. How neat is that! 

The bag is made of 100% cotton, quilted and is lightweight. It has buttons on the straps for an easy height adjustment of the straps. As you can see there is also a zippered pocket on the side with a round keychain with the train on it. The personalized quilted bag is in lovely colors that little boys will absolutely love. We have been using this backpack during our short trips to go explore some new places where we put some of my little man's favorite toys, extra clothes, and some snacks while on the road. The backpack is just the right size for it.

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Bag Features:
- The backpack is blue, quilted, and made of 100% cotton. A doubled drawstring is under the light green front flap. The backpack can be closed with snaps that magnetically snap together.

- It is ideal for day care, kindergarten, preschool, dance class, pre-school, overnight bags or for use as small diaper bags. Approximately 11" tall x 13" wide by 4" deep.

Posylane is an online store where they not only sell children's backpacks, but they also have a wide range of items to choose from. They carry items from edibles, school supplies, baby items, shower wraps, accessories like personalized iPad cases and folios, phone cases, and a whole lot more. It is a great place to shop for things when you are looking for that perfect gift for your little ones or someone special. Posylane has everything for everybody!

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We would like to thank Posylane for the awesome bag that my little man absolutely loves.
To find out more about Posylane, visit the website at http://www.posylane.com/

Happy Valentine's, everyone!!!

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  1. Avah eh reading ready na si Gwapo to go to school. Few more years..

  2. another posy lane backpack right here :D i love that train design so cute for your handsome lil man. he is even cuter in that lil bike :D

  3. Look at the handsome smile of your lil man right there, he is indeed happy with his posy lane backpack :D what a rider too

  4. That is an absolutely perfect choice for Harley, Mommy Adin! He looks like a big man with that backpack on. Yay! Looking like a super ready school boy na! He looks so big na pud sa iyang electronic ride ay. Ayay, si Selby na makasunod ana nga ride! Lol.

    I am a Posy Lance recipient myself and I am loving their products!

  5. Your kid looks very happy and enjoy in his backpack. I love all personalized items, little man is very lucky to have it.

  6. Back here, Mommy Adin! Are you ready for your little man Harley to leave you as he starts schooling soon? :D

  7. Cute quilted bag. I'd like to have one for my nephews!

  8. Awww! the handsome boy enjoyed his new back pack from Posy Lane :-) The design is so pretty :-) I love their products too, they are so cute and precious to have :-)

  9. i have seen this from almost all my blogger friends and would love to have but looks like it's only available in the US, too bad.

  10. the bag is so cute!! I really love the quality of their products too! Indeed worth every penny...

  11. the motorcycle looks cool!!! My son would love that too!! Anyway, love the backpack too! They're indeed made good quality backpack for toddlers...

  12. Another Posy Lane masterpiece. I love the backpack, my girls also has them. :)

  13. That is soooooo cute. Harley makes an adorable model. He looks ready for school.


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