Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family Road Trip: Explore Kansas

Caution: Photo Overload

I have shared these photos already on my other blog, but I wanted to share it here with your guys so here are some photos. Since we are new to the area (we moved to a new place last August), we decided to explore some nearby towns and we went to two small towns in Kansas. One is the Cottonwood Falls and the other is the Strong City, Kansas. 

In Cottonwood Falls we saw an old courthouse and probably the oldest courthouse in Kansas there is, and we also went to a small museum called the Roniger Memorial Museum. Inside was a huge collection of arrowheads (probably the biggest arrowhead collection as well), it was like something we have never seen before and there were some other neat collections from the past. 

The second place that we went to was the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve located north of Strong City, Kansas. We went to an old house that was built in 1800s and it was beautiful. You get to go on a self-guided tour inside the house and explore this majestic house. The property has its own stone barn, chicken house, garden, cure house, ice house, and other things that they would need back in the old days. I love this place! 

After exploring the property, we then proceeded to the old school house that was also built in the 1800s, but we didn't get to go inside because it's close. It would probably open to the public had it been on a weekday. After that, we finished the day with a short hike around the trail for a little bit of exercise, then we drove back home. We made sure to make the most of our time since it was one warm winter day and we sure did. Enjoy, everyone!

 photo b1_zps6453a63b.jpg
 photo b18_zps23fb2e1f.jpg
 photo b4_zpsd59bfd1b.jpg
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 photo b6_zps6cf1dcbb.jpg

 photo LIFE429_zps294f6777.jpg
 photo b10_zpsb7a11fa4.jpg
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My life, My hiking buddies.
 photo b7_zpsc0c9b717.jpg
I have an appreciation for old things and I really love the look of this old gate in front of the house.
 photo LIFE455_zpsf8152fe7.jpg
Outside the stone barn.
 photo b11_zpsf109175e.jpg
Inside the stone barn.
 photo LIFE467_zps25977239.jpg
The ghost in the barn.
(Just kidding!)
 photo b19_zpsa706bbe0.jpg
 photo LIFE481_zps5bb43806.jpg
 photo b13_zpsbc5ec762.jpg
 photo b12_zpsa553990f.jpg

A trip with the kids won't be complete without a visit to the park. It gives them time to play and wear out their energy so they won't be too cranky while we are on the road. These two little bees are great travelers, anyway. It was nice to explore other places in Kansas and learn some history of the past. Have a great one! 
 photo b2_zps65daf7c1.jpg


  1. The ghost in the barn photo is fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing pics of Kansas, I grew up visiting Kansas and Nebraska every summer as my parents both originated from there... nice to be reminded of it's beauty!

    1. Hi Tamera Beardsley, thank you so much for commenting. Oh we love Nebraska too. It is nice to be able to explore some new places even for a day.

  2. I wish I could also wander there. But I just couldn't. ^^
    I thank you for letting me wander through your blog...

  3. Kansas has so much history that I know nothing about. It is nice to see the Tallgrass Prairie photos and the beautiful mansion in Chase county. You looked gorgeous in your jacket and I love Harley in blue jeans. Harley must have been in heaven when he and Dadda stood on the tank. A great family outing.

    1. Thank you, double auntie Covina. We didn't even know about these places until Tim searched for new places we could visit. Strong City was like a ghost town. This old courthouse was also beautiful, but too bad we didn't get to see the inside because it was close on Sunday.


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