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Product Review: Save Money With EZ Squeezees

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It is no secret that I like to buy baby food pouches because of its convenience and less-to-no-mess application. And it is also not a secret that I like to make homemade food.  My family travels a lot and when you travel with two kids, no doubt you need a lot of food. In an effort to save a little bit of money on that part and not having to buy food pouches all the time, I researched some reusable food pouches that I can buy and I stumbled upon EZ Squeezees. When I contacted the company, they agreed to work with me and they sent me a pack of three (3) EZ Squeezees for free for a product review.
EZ Squeezees food pouches are reusable, resealable, and are dishwasher & freezer safe. I was really excited to test it out to see how well these products hold out and it didn't disappoint. When you scroll down you can see some photos of the product features and what makes it different from any other reusable food pouches. I did buy a different brand of food pouches before I learned about EZ Squeezees, but this is by far my favorite. I love that the opening is on the side of the pouch, which made the mouth wider for easy storing of the food, then you just zip it up and it closes the container really well without having to worry for spillage or leakage. On the other side of the pouch is a wide gusset, which allows you to store even more food. Take a closer look of the photos below to further learn about the products.
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I prepared some pureed Butternut Squash and Bananas (natural sweetener), then I mixed them all up and stored in these EZ Squeezees food pouches. And yes, it is easy to scoop the puree into the pouch because of its wide opening and easy to seal it shut without it leaking. Great product! The EZ Squeezees website also has a long list of recipes to help you prepare delicious food that your little ones will enjoy. And even adults too!
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From a hard day of playing, my little miss was hungry and ready for some EZ Squeezees yummy treaty. Pureed Butternut Squash and Bananas, anyone??? I love that I can make homemade food for my kids and I know exactly what goes into their food.

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These products are;
- BPA & Phthalate Free
- Dishwasher and Freezer Safe
- It has replaceable caps incase you loose it. (And we all know that can happen)
- Money Saving Refillable, Resealable, Reusable Patent Pending food pouch for kids and adults.
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And, if you need more information on how to use the EZ Squeezees, here is an illustration.

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(You can click on the photo to see a larger image)
 We thank you, EZ Squeezees for these products. We love it!

Okay everyone, don't forget to check out EZ Squeezees website at to learn more. 

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  1. Very clever idea and so useful for parents interested in providing healthy food for toddlers. Selby is a lucky little girl.

  2. This is brilliant! Where is it when I needed it! I think my daughter would still love smashed food, but I doubted it. Anyway, the product seemed to be what new moms really needed in terms of saving fresh food for their babies. A must have that's for sure!

  3. I love the idea that the squeezees are reusable which definitely saves us money. thanks for sharing it mommy!

  4. This is perfect for my sister in-law, she's expecting early july! She need this and better anyway than store bought baby food.

  5. that is really an amazing idea. so convenient for mommies and babies and not only that, your baby is snacking healthy snacks too

  6. i don't think i seen something like this at our local store. this is surely creative. the best homemade food/snacks kids can have and they'll just have to squeeze to get those food in there. I love that.

  7. Shelby is always smiling in front of the camera, such a natural model! The product would also eliminate spills.

  8. Interesting product. but it got me confuse though how that pouch be reusable hehehe. anyway, your cute model mami adin mura mao gadala sa bida. nice review. Thanks for the visit btw.

  9. oh this is so perfect for the little ones gang! i want some for caleb too. :) he likes to eat pureed fruits and veggies even up to now, hahah!

  10. Oh why didn't we have this here? This looks like a great way of bringing homemade pureed food for the babies. I would definitely buy something like this instead of lugging around containers in my baby bag.

  11. good idea, the little one can now eat healthy foods.. by the way, your daughter is really pretty..

  12. interesting , i have never seen something like this before and i guess it's very clever invention.

  13. this product is perfect for my sis kid.. thanks for sharing

  14. that is one innovative product which can save money and space! great for travels!

  15. awww! Look at the pretty Miss enjoying her delish food :-) This is very cool and healthy preparation for the kids t enjoy healthy foods :-)

  16. The idea that they are reusable and dishwasher safe is very neat.

  17. Nice product! I'll keep this in mind when I have another baby..

  18. This is a nice product for kids. I love that its BPA-free, reusable, and freezer safe.

  19. Very interesting product. I wish I known them when my girls were little and using pureed fruits and veggies.


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