Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sewing Time: Dresses For My Little Princess

I have been a little busy with my sewing machine these past few weeks and all I have been making are clothes for my little girl. I had some scraps or cut-out fabrics, vintage fabrics, and unwanted dresses,  that needed to be made into something and I made it into dresses. I didn't spend a lot of money on these clothes because the vintage fabrics I got are around 25cents, 50cents, and up to $3. I also saved some of my cut-out fabrics from many of my altered skirts and made it into my little girl's skirts too. The nice thing about having a baby girl this age (17 months old) is that I can use even little scraps of fabric to make clothes out of it.

 photo 559904_10151540269370699_785581351_n_zps84da0a48.jpg

 photo 317527_10151499174135699_397459094_n_zpse7942b23.jpg

Yellow Eyelet Dress and as you can see from the stores these days, laces and eyelets are "IN" this season. All I need is a belt and she will be rocking this dress when warmer weather rolls in. I am excited!

 photo 559904_10151540269380699_1065518472_n_zps2fdced58.jpg

I made her a peplum top that was easy to make from a vintage fabric.
 photo DressCollage_zpsee92a639.jpg

I have plenty of snaps from my cloth diaper projects so I used it.
I find snaps and zippers are easy to use when it comes to children's clothing.
The top part of this dress, which is the printed one is a scrap from a previous project.
 photo 559904_10151540269375699_795456244_n_zps8e4302be.jpg

 photo 11678_10151540274455699_897348654_n_zps20bd1ad5.jpg

All in all, I made about twenty (20) items of clothing for my little girl alone. I would say, I spent under $10 dollars for all these clothing.
Next time, I hope to make something for my little man.
How about you? Have you sewn anything lately?

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  1. You made all of these? WOW! I am so impressed, they are brilliant, and so resourceful using all second hand fabric to make them.

    1. Hi Erica! Yes, I made all of the clothes. Thank you so much. I have been a little bit busy. hehehe... :)

  2. They are gorgeous Adin! Wonderful job. I'm always making clothes for my little people too. Lots and lots of pants and dresses and I also like to use recycled or thrifted materials. It's a lot of fun.

  3. i wish i knew how to sew dresses so I could make some for my little girl. I agree what a resourceful ideas it is mommy to make new out of used clothing.

  4. Mommy Adin you really are a talented and crafty mama :-) I can't sew but love to learn :-)

  5. i love the brown skirt so cute. I wish i know how to sew, i really want to make a dress for my daughter

  6. Your lil fashionista is so happy watching her made in USA with momma clothing hehehe. wish I have talent like yours mami adin. What you did right there is a great savings and awesomely cool. You are indeed resourceful and talented, creative and very smart to be able to come up with that different pattern of baby dresses.


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