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Product Review: The Protein Bakery Baked Goodies

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Even though I love to make our own homemade baked goods for the fact that I know who is making it, what goes into the food and I can control the ingredients that goes into the food. But there are times that I am curious about trying other products and when I learned about The Protein Bakery's baked goods, I wanted to try some. They sent me a boxful of delicious baked goodies for free and I am afraid to admit, it didn't last long. Every after meal, this was our dessert and it's because of the whey protein, it is very filling. They were just absolutely delicious! It had the right sweetness, flavor and it wasn't heavy like some baked goods that you buy at some store. I love that they incorporate some natural ingredients into their baked good for more added nutrition.
A few of my favorites from the baked goods we received was the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (of course), Peanut Butter Blondie (I want more), Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, and well, all of them! Even their Ginger Oatmeal Raisin Cookie was delicious. Well, I love ginger and their cookies had the right amount of Ginger flavor and nothing too overpowering. For me, The Protein Bakery is considered as my guiltless type of baked goodies. And hey! They make great gifts too for your beloved mom this Mother's day, which is coming up. What else can I say other than I love their product! Thank you so much, The Protein Bakery! We want more!
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 What's In The Mail?
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Proof is in the Baking
We've found the secret to happiness: Balance.
So, we know the value of weights and measures. We chose the name Protein Bakery, for a good (and healthy) reason. Muscle-building protein is a huge component in all our delicious cookies, brownies, and blondies. Protein makes you feel fuller faster and prevents spikes in blood sugar levels. It's one way to keep the heart beat steady and the body in balance. Every delectable, guilt-free bite is high in dietary fiber, low in gluten, and delivers up to 5 times more protein than the average baked treat.
Our trans-fat free, preservative free, and wheat flour-free recipes are also nutritionally balanced. We combine natural ingredients like heart-healthy rolled oats, light brown sugar, and the finest chocolate. We bake small batches from scratch every day. With the same attention to perfection as we did on day 1 in November, 1999. Our 20-plus flavors of creative culinary confections boast gourmet accents like swirls of rich peanut butter, tangy cranberries, toasted walnuts, sun-sweetened coconut, and so much more.
Rachael Ray, Oprah Winfrey, Equinox Gyms, Bergdorf's, LivingSocial, all sing our praises. And until our great goodies arrive at their new address, they're handled with the utmost care. You are the reason we want to get our day started! That's why we created our open-to-the-public bakery LOFT and we're available online 24/7.
Be happy—add balance to your life every day!
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If any of these baked goodies from The Protein Bakery look good and sound good to you, don't forget to check out their website at to find out more. 

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  1. healthy snack for everyone.. i want to try this :)

  2. Looks like a healthy snack, sis! Really the ideal snack size for something sweet.

  3. I love cookies and if they are healthy I wouldn't bother to munch on it everyday.

  4. A cookies that has protein in it? How cool! I wonder how it taste like compare to regular cookies. I want to try it too!

  5. If I try this, I would definitely buy the Ginger Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, ginger sounds so good to me!

  6. looks super yummy. i have a weakness for sweet stuff. cookies is one of them, lol!

  7. I really like to try their products thought. I pitched but she said they have lots of bloggers in line next time na daw ko. looks delectable snack

  8. Yummy goodies! I would love to try them!

  9. yummy and healthy snacks. i bet this is great for breakfast too and for the on-the-go activities when you don't have enough time to eat at home. snacking this would be great as well since it's healthy snacks

  10. OI very yummy ha! I want to try it out, but I wonder how?

  11. i like oatmeal cookies, i usually buy some when I am buying our grocery..i believe this is a healthy snack

  12. This is a perfect gift for mother's day..a healthy snack. I heard they really have very tasty baked goodies :-) Thanks for sharing your review.

  13. my husband bakes sometimes, next time i will suggest to put almonds in it.

  14. Oh I would love the taste the products from The Protein Bakery...

  15. there cookies are really yummy , no wonder they were featured in many magazines and tv.

  16. I like to taste their baked goods. My kids love cookies so I am pretty sure our kids will like it as well.

  17. I love their products too. So filling! I love that Wicked mint and blondie brownie .

  18. I love how bakeries are getting more and more innovative in their baked good. Healthier food doesn't have to be tasteless, thank goodness we can still eat cookies and brownies without that guilty feeling.


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