Sunday, September 22, 2013

Family Time: Roaring Fork Creek Trailhead (Medicine Bow National Forest- Wyoming) Part 1

At about 21 miles away from Glendo (if I got my calculations right), Medicine Bow National Forest was our destination yesterday afternoon. Originally we planned to make it to the top of the Laramie Peak, but with kids in tow and no proper kid carrier, we decided to take another route and headed to the Roaring Fork Creek Trailhead and on to the Goochie Park. At first it was an easy hike, but the closer we got to the pass, the steeper and challenging the trail was. We made a few stops to relax and get some snacks while the kids explore a little bit. It was a beautiful day to go for a hike with the family and one great workout.

 photo IMG_1168_zps7a3d663d.jpg

 photo IMG_1125_zps7a2b0872.jpg

 photo IMG_1166_zpsbaa734f9.jpg

 photo IMG_1126_zps3572e95a.jpg

 photo IMG_1128_zpsb5629a91.jpg

 photo IMG_1130_zpsf06ab3f8.jpg

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 photo IMG_1138_zps8c6290e4.jpg

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 photo IMG_1135_zps62b0aafe.jpg

 photo IMG_1139_zpsbb361ac2.jpg

 photo IMG_1145_zps00250965.jpg
Ops! Sorry, it is National Forest, not park. :) 
 photo IMG_1147_zps917401f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1149_zps8c2d9118.jpg

 photo IMG_1160_zpsb87f9de6.jpg

 photo IMG_1146_zps39eb0676.jpg

 photo IMG_1156_zps165e22a4.jpg

 photo IMG_1165_zpsffa9e0d0.jpg

 photo IMG_1162_zps1f024eb6.jpg

 photo IMG_1161_zps233d98a7.jpg

 photo IMG_1167_zpsaa2867c8.jpg
Must have been an Elk skull?
Don't worry, we didn't take the skull with us. We put it back where we found it. 
I hope you enjoyed watching the photos. Have you taken on a hiking trip with the family or friends lately? Do share! 


  1. oh, my! I can't imagine 21 miles...but it seems like you guys had an awesome adventure. It was worth it after all.

    Thanks for dropping by mamiAdin!

  2. That seem like a fun adventure! I wish I was there - be able to experience it! HAHA! Though, I'm sure I'll be so tired I don't even know if I can keep up, HAHA!

  3. Such a wonderful place and wonderful day. Thank you for posting the photos so we can all enjoy the experience. I miss the mountains and sure love reliving your adventures with the family.

    1. Tim told me about all of your adventures together back then. I am sure you miss those times. I am just glad Tim's not all that crazy these days anymore, now that he has a family. Sometimes he can get a bit crazy and bushwhacks and stuff, but a bit tamed down. hahaha... :)

  4. 21 miles- I don't know if I can endure that - I am so out of shape :P

    What a great adventure you guys had!

  5. Gorgeous I love those rock formations as well how fascinating! :) x

  6. Great pictures! It looks like a great place to spend the day if you like to hike. I don't, but it does look like fun.

  7. I have the sudden urge to go hiking ;)

  8. Nothing will ever convince me to take that long a hike--even when I had dogs they could get me to hike maybe 3 miles TOPS (with a lot of stops!!) It is truly beautiful there.

  9. wow you have gorgeous parks in your area

  10. I can only imagine it's beauty during autumn when tress changed it's hues and when it's blanketed with white snow.

  11. Wow, God's amazing creation. Such a gorgeous park, love the family smiles.

  12. Wow, the place is really beautiful! How I wish makapag hike din kami ng family ko at mka bonding2x. :)

  13. I hope we could meet someday so we could go bonding in nature, sarap siguro noh.

  14. I love nature and adventure combined! this place sure is alot of fun.

  15. such a serene place, something my family would love but we don't have something like that here if there is one, it would not be safe

  16. I love the "I Believe I can Fly" pose ni Harley hehehe..

  17. Great pictures! It's a really wonderful place too. I wish we had parks - oh, forests - as beautiful as those here in country as well.

  18. This is one kind of adventure that I dream of doing with my family.

  19. I wish we could go hiking as a family! I know my husband would love the outdoors...

  20. Looks like your kids enjoyed your pasyal!


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