Thursday, October 3, 2013

Product Review: Map Pattern Handbag From Tmart

When you are a girl, you can never have way too many bags, right? For us girls, our bags are not just for utility purposes, but also for accessorizing. Although, I am doing really well with getting rid of some of my things, but hey, if you get an opportunity to get another bag, why not? 

Anyway, I would like to say thank you to for my new Map Pattern Handbag that I got for free for a product review. 

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 photo ElegantWomenMapPatternPULeatherZipperClosureHandbagsYellowTmartcom_zps835bbb93.png

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 photo IMG_1433_zps78ca914c.jpg

My Review: 
- The color of this handbag on their website is the same color in personal.  One fancy bag that doesn't break the bank! 

- The quality of the bag is actually well made. I actually thought that the material of the bag would be thin considering the price of the bag, but I am really surprised. 

It has a little pocket on the inside and two side pockets on the outside.

- The stitching is good. I don't see any signs that the bag would fall apart at any time. It has a good lining inside, and the lining on the side pockets are soft and it has a tiny bit of cushioning. 

- It is a good size bag that would carry your stuff and what not. But if you plan on using it as a double diaper bag (if you are a mom like me), it's not that big. Although, I can fit in one diaper and a some wipes. Just in case you want to know. 

- I love the little details on the bag, the map design, and how well the colors go together.

- So far I have no problems with the zipper closure, it is easy to zip open or close.  

- I had a wonderful service at and fast shipping. 

 photo IMG_1430_zpsd2b50dd6.jpg

If you are in the mood to shop today, don't forget to check out  Tmart Shoulder bags and Handbags and browse around and see if you can find something you like. Or, love. They have tons of fashionable bag and handbags at affordable prices. But that's not the only thing they sell at their store online so make sure to visit them today! I also have another favorite bag from their store that I wish I had. I know it is just a simple brown bag, but it goes so well with (almost) everything you have in your wardrobe. And perfect for fall, too! Like I said, I love my vintage and this bag has that vibe to it. 
 photo Image1ofElegantRetroStyleWomenZipperClosureHandbagsBrownTmartcom_zpsec3c3fc0.png

Thank you, Tmart! 

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  1. I like the brown bag! I prefer shoulder straps to just handles.

    1. I hate myself for not even getting this brown bag. What was I thinking? I like it too since I can have my hands free with the longer straps. :) Thanks, Michele!

  2. Oh my goodness, love love the handbag, my style!

  3. You lucky girl
    Like the brown one a lot

  4. I love both of those bags how cute are they!! The brown one is definitely something I would use x

  5. I've checked their website before - so much lovely goodies nga eh, hihi! They even promised to send me a product - I can't wait to give it a try! <3

  6. I've never heard of Tmart before but that bag is ADORABLE!

  7. Love bags, the brown one is really nice!

  8. I loved the design of that map handbag. That is really unique. I should check their site for more bags to see! :)

  9. You are right, for many women, a purse is more than a utilitarian product. It is also an accessory, a fashion statement and a source of pride. The bags you pictured here are things of beauty.

  10. The handbag will be a god choice for constant travelers.

    1. The map pattern is such a beautiful design. I have that kind of design in an album naman.

  11. TMart has great choices and prices. Don't know how they can offer free shipping with such reasonable prices for the bags. Loved your bag but it is already sold out. I'm saving their website. It is a great find. Thanks Adin.

  12. I like the design of the bag. Most of all, I like the size. I bring a lot of stuff daily, so space is one of the factor I consider when buying a bag.

  13. I like light-colored handbags so this is just too perfect for me!

  14. I love the size and style of this bag. I can use this anywhere I go.


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