Monday, November 4, 2013

Product Review: Wraptastic

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About six months ago, my family received a complimentary product from Wraptastic for free in exchange for a product review. What is Wraptastic? Read below. 

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Wraptastic Features: 
- Use with any wrap- Works with wax paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and more! 
- Spring loaded- Easily pop wrap rolls in and out
- Safe- Stainless Steel blade is recessed to protect fingers
- Steady- Rubber feet hold in place on counters, tables, etc
- Easy to Store- Fits in most kitchen drawers

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- Buy One Get One Only $10.99

Where to buy?
- Order online
- I have also seen them available at Walmart so go check them out. 
- If you leave in Canada and are interested, you can also order from their website. 

FAQs about Wraptastic:
What is included in the box?
- We will send you two (2) Wraptastic Dispensers and as our FREE Gift to you, we will also include a 50 foot roll of plastic wrap and a 25 foot roll of Aluminum Foil. 

How can I use the Wraptastic Dispenser?
- Simply push the white adapters into each end of your rolls cardboard core, place your roll inside the Wraptastic dispenser, pull out the desired length, press down on the cover, and wrap! 

Are there instructions included with the Wraptastic dispenser? 
- Yes, we supply detailed, illustrative instructions with each Wraptastic dispenser. 

What is so special about the Wraptastic dispenser?
- The Wraptastic dispenser makes it so easy to store leftovers and wrap foods. By eliminating the hassle of normal rolls in their flimsy cardboard containers, the Wraptastic dispenser works with any brand and standard size wax paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and more. The stainless steel cutting blade is recessed and hidden to protect fingers, and the rubber feet on the bottom will steadily hold the Wraptastic in place on counters and tabletops. The Wraptastic dispenser will even fit inside most kitchen drawers. 

My Review: 
I really want to enjoy this product because I like the concept and the idea of Wraptastic. I know I am not the only one who has problems dealing with plastic wrappers and how it bunches up or sticks together when you use it or gets tangled up. When I stumbled upon Wraptastic, I was interested in their product and contacted them. They agreed to work with me and sent me one complimentary Wraptastic product. Even though this product didn't really work for me, there still are a few features that I do like about Wraptastic. 

What I Like About It?
- The safety of it. Wraptastic Stainless Steel Blade is recessed to protect fingers. 
- I like how easy it is to load the rolls in. It is Spring Loaded so it easily pops the wrap roll in and out. 
- Easy to assemble. It comes with stickers so you know what wrapper rolls you have in your Wraptastic. 
- I also like how easily it is to store, just like storing your wrap rolls in your drawers. 
- It also looks neat in your drawer when stored or just leave it on the counter. 
- Wraptastic is not only good for plastic wrap use, but can also be used for wax paper, aluminum foil and more. 

Be careful when you buy any wrapper rolls because you have to make sure that it fits in the Wraptastic. I have no problem dealing with aluminum foil, but if you want to use it for that, make sure that the ends of your cardboard core fit with the size of the adapters of the Wraptastic. Now, if only they can work more on the functionality of their product, this would be a good one. 

What I didn't like about it? 
- The product doesn't work at all. 
- It has made using the original box that the wrap rolls come in with easy to use than this device. 
- They always make it look easy on their video, but the no slip rubber grip feet don't work at all! 
- It does roll out the plastic wrap nice and easy, but when I cut it, it doesn't work. 
- I may have gotten a defective one, but I searched around for other reviews and some of them doesn't work either. 

Would I buy another one to see if it works the second time around? 
No, I wouldn't. 

Even with the sad experience I have with this product, I still want to thank Wraptastic for the opportunity. I hope this product worked for you if you have tried it before. Don't forget to visit their website today and learn more about the product. How about you? Have you tried Wraptastic before? Did it work for you? 

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  1. interesting product???not sure if it will save time,but it does look handy and easy to use

  2. i have a foil and microwave wrap dispenser but i am not using it because it doesn't fit the size of the wraps

  3. I so need this. I am always the one who cuts my fingers on the sharp edges of the plastic wrap. It's always the plastic wrap, and it's always me. To the point that I don't even buy it anymore. I use aluminum foil for everything that doesn't have a lid now.

  4. I hate my plastic wrap it almost always turns into a mess and I just hate it. This might just make the trick :)

  5. What a fantastic idea - I always make such a mess with clingfilm this looks like a great way around it :) x

  6. Now this is something really good! I tend to cut myself when I'm doing things fast

  7. I love the idea and the invention. this is now my favorite tool in the kitchen i would not be having problems using plastic wrapper to wrap foods anymore.

  8. I was hoping you would say this product worked for you as I spent all weekend cooking and had to wrap tons of left overs and I hate when the plastic wrap sticks all over and it's such a hassle.

  9. This product looks durable compared to other brands.

  10. I have one of these and I love it, I need to get a second one for my aluminum foil.

  11. Thanks for your honest opinion always looking for better solution in the kitchen

  12. I absolutely love this thing, it saves time and money. I am planning to get two more of these.

    1. I love the fact that it is so affordable and yet very useful.

    2. My husband eve liked it. He can't believe it works lol.

  13. This product looks great and good thing it's quite inexpensive too! I want to buy one.

  14. This is something we really need at home. But I'm sorry to hear this did not work out.

  15. Wraptastic looks like a great product and is really useful in the kitchen.

  16. cool and helpful product for the family,,


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