Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas At The Blankenship (A Very Late Post)

With no internet connection in the house for one week, I was not able to visit with you on this blog to greet you a wonderful Christmas! But I guess it is better late than never! Belated Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

If you read my other post, then you know our house was in a big mess when we arrived home. But now, it looks more liveable. Even though Christmas is over, our tree is still up and probably won't take it down until Spring Break of Summer. I always love to use the Christmas tree lights on at night and just let it light our living room, which creates that kind of cozy feeling for me. 

 photo IMG_2624_zps4fda6a6e.jpg
Our Christmas tree in all its fake glory. We used to buy real ones, but got tired of watering it to keep it from drying. Plus, they were expensive. I hope someday we will have a real pine tree as our Christmas tree. It would surely make the house smell so lovely.
 photo IMG_2619_zpsd42b4000.jpg

 photo IMG_2621_zpsab47c11a.jpg

 photo IMG_2462_zpsb2ea70ee.jpg

 photo IMG_2596_zpsb31fe728.jpg

 photo IMG_2437_zps3635d4dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2441_zps3b490808.jpg

 photo IMG_2486_zpsb5bf43da.jpg

 photo IMG_2521_zpse00edb8b.jpg

 photo IMG_2515_zpsa18b6b87.jpg

 photo IMG_2525_zps4aa534bb.jpg

 photo IMG_2530_zps27082008.jpg

 photo IMG_2536_zps14d3c8f2.jpg


  1. Loved the photos. Looks like the children had a happy Christmas and you had the wood stove heating the house to feel like the Philippines. Wonderful! Hope you and Tim had a nice Christmas too although it doesn't sound like you have had too much time to relax. I sure missed not having you post on the Internet.

  2. looks like you had a very lovely Christmas and I love your tree so petty. the kids are having fun from the looks of things.

  3. Look at those happy and contented faces, I bed they got many gifts from Santa!

  4. those are wonderful pictures during your holiday, i love those two were totally topless...impressive how kids could not feel cold at all.

  5. You the cutest babies, momi adin. I just love looking at their happy faces. They enjoyed Christmas very much!


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