Friday, January 3, 2014

Ice storm 2013

This was the sight we saw when we arrived home back to Kansas for the Christmas. Another icestorm hit, but it wasn't as bad as the ice storm in 2007. Still, it was enough to trim some branches off of our Willow Trees and lost another good Plum Tree. 

 photo IMG_2585_zpsf47fa8e1.jpg
It was like an ice land in our yard. 
 photo IMG_2578_zpsd9948604.jpg

 photo IMG_2584_zpse4f5d027.jpg

It broke my heart to see a lot of my favorite vegetables in the garden went to waste. I wish someone else was able to harvest them. I had tons of Kohlrabi that went to waste, eggplants, a watermelon, tons of brussels sprouts, my KangKong, my strings beans, collard greens, and a lot more. We were so sad we had to leave right when our garden just started to really produce food. This year, we are coming back for the Spring Break to get our garden ready, but we won't be planting as much as last year. 
 photo IMG_2579_zpse0604253.jpg

 photo BrusslesSprouts_zpsbc56db6d.jpg

 photo IMG_2582_zps4e4c7796.jpg

 photo IMG_2576_zps35309e68.jpg


  1. I hate ice storms! We get them regularly in the winter, but after when the trees all look like glass is beautiful! Not that is out weighs the danger or destruction.

  2. Oh my heavens. Not a great time to come back eh? Looks so cold out there!

  3. I can't imagine how freaking cold it is, i see the frost in your car I remember when we're still in Buffalo the ice is no fun at all. Glad you get a chance to travel, unlike us we pretty much stuck in our house right now he he... Happy New Year sis hope you like your new place moving is a lot of work. But once you settle down its all worth it.

  4. oh boy!!! i wish i was one of your neighbor i could have harvested it for you :(

  5. Awww.. I wish I was there to harvest your veggies! I really want some string beans and kangkong/water spinach.

    1. I wish so too, mommy April. I had tons of Kang Kong since they were really growing fast, but sad to say didn't get to enjoy it at all. I am hoping some will grow back this year's garden season and I might be able to send some to you. If I get lucky. I will let you know. Sayang lagi kaayo akoa mga veggies and fruits ba.

  6. It's scary to have ice storm. hehe We're supposed to have one yesterday but I haven't checked outside yet. I hope my winter carrots are ok.

  7. Same here last Dec. 6 sis. It was very scary to drive and power was out for 9 cold!

  8. tep this is why I live in FL i can't handle this kind of weather


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