Monday, January 20, 2014

Family Time: My Family In Photos

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She loves this Vintage Christmas Dress so much. And her red shoes. 
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Baking is a must in this house. I have three (well four including me) mouths to feed. I made some banana bread the other day. 
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Oh! One of the many perks of having kids. It is when you are in the middle of cleaning the house and the kids decided mama doesn't have enough cleaning to do so they made their own mess. They were having fun though! Isn't parenthood glamorous? *wink*
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My little baker in the making giving you sweet smoochies while waiting for kuya (big brother) Harley before we start baking. 
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After baking the muffins, we let it cool down and we headed outside to help dadda haul some firewood. And there were some wheel barrow pushing and mud puddling going on too. 

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I used my old baking sheets to put muddy boots on to save your floor from getting dirty. It works!

 photo IMG_2846_zps9b414d44.jpg
Apple, Sweet Potato, and Carrot Muffins were the perfect snacks after hauling firewood and mud puddling. Kalami! (Yummy!)
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Fresh from the shower and waiting for supper. If you are on my Facebook, then you know what kind of conversation went on last night with my boy. 

Conversation with my son.

Son: (while playing the word puzzle and spelling the word SNOWMAN) Mama, this is going to be hard. Where is the Snowman? 

Me: It melted away because it was sunny and warm today. 

Son: No, the puzzle! 

Me: I was just messing with you bud, sorry. (so I helped him play the puzzle)

Son: Next is the S T A R, mama. Can you help me?

Me: It is an easy word to find Harley, you can do it.
Son: I found it! 

Me: See, I told you it was easy. Congratulations, bud!

Son: Mama, what is Congratulations?

Me: It is when you did great. Or when you win something, then people will say "Congratulations!"

Son: What if I didn't win? What do you say? Do they say " No Congratulations to you  because you didn't win". 

Have a great Monday, everyone! 

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  1. Great family fun!
    You have a beautiful family

  2. love your little girl's vintage looking dress momi Adin! and the cupcakes look scrumptious.

  3. Seems like a fun day at your house.

  4. such a fun day with your family, i like how they are so wonderful..

  5. That was a cute conversation between you and Harley. On the other hand, I enjoyed looking on your photos, sweet!

  6. Hahaha I love the mess they made. Oh yeah, just glamorous! Lol

  7. you have a beautiful family you are truly blessed

  8. Hahaha! I so enjoyed, it Mommy Adin! Dah oi, gigutom ko sa cupcake! Waaaaa!

    Thanks for linking up, Mommy! I am glad to have you around! :)

    Till next time! :)


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