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Product Review: Terramar Base Layers For The Whole Family

This is another review of the Terramar Base Layer that my family and I received. I first introduced you the Terramar Base Layer that my little girl was wearing and this time I am jamming up all of my product reviews into one post for the all the items we got. Read below. 

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Fifteen (15) items all in all from Terramar. Thank you so much! 

For My Husband:

-  Climasense 3.0 (Warmest) Ecolator TR Men's 1/2 Zip (Black)
- Climasense 3.0 Ecolator (Warmest) TR Men's Tights No Fly (Black)
- Terramar 3.0 (Warm) 2 Layer Sportsman Men's Henly (Denim) 
- Terramar 3.0 (Warm) 2 Layer Sportsman Men's Crew (Denim)
- Terramar 3.0 (Warm) 2 Layer Sportsman Men's Pants (Denim) 

The Terramar 2 Layer Sportsman is what my husband wears when he goes for an afternoon or early evening run because it keeps him warm and not overheating. Soft and comfortable against your skin. I asked my husband if he likes all the products he got and he approves it. 

For me:
- Terramar Thermasilk Pointelle 1.0 Women's Scoop- Warm- JazzBerry Color 
(100% Pure Silk Underwear) 
- Terramar Thermasilk Pointelle 1.0 Women's Pants- Warm- JazzBerry Color
(100% Pure Silk Underwear)
- Terramar Hottotties Grid Fleece 3.0 (Warmest) Half Zip in Black
 - Terramar Hottotties Climasense 3.0 (Warmest) Ecolator TR Women's Scoop in Purple Rain

I love the pair of Thermasilk I got for going to bed because it feels soft, comfortable, light, it is glossy, luxurious and warm. It provides me with enough warmth I need while in bed. 

For my little man:

- Boy's ThermoLite Fleece 3.0 Boy's Half Zip in Black (Warm)
- Boy's ThermoLite Fleece 3.0 Boy's Crew in Black (Warm)
- Boy's ThermoLite 3.0 Boy's Pants in Black (Warm)

For my little girl: 

- Girl's ThermoLite Fleece 3.0 Girl's Crew JBPB (Warm)
- Girl's ThermoLite Fleece 3.0 Girl's Tights JBPB (Warm)
Read my full review of my little girl's base layers. 

 photo IMG_2563_zpsf254efb9.jpg
Keeping the family warm and comfy in their baselayers.
 photo IMG_2558_zpsb90fd545.jpg
Warm and comfy kids mean happy kids. 
 photo IMG_2650_zps4fc1025b.jpg

 photo IMG_2634_zpsd002a65e.jpg
Wearing both Hottotties Top and Pants.
I was trying it outside to see how warm it keeps me with just the base layers on and on a 30 plus degree weather, it kept me warm enough. 
 photo IMG_2515_zpsc1327aa4.jpg

 photo IMG_2724_zps74ceb38d.jpg

I am wearing a Terramar Hottotties Top 
Hottotties Grid Fleece 3.0
W8312 Women's Half Zip
- ec2 Qwik-Dri Thermoregulation Comfort Technology.
- Anti-Microbial for freshness.
- Our warmest temperature control layer.
- Dual surface knitting system incorporates high loft grid channels for enhanced breathability and effective layering for cold weather. 
- Essential layering for cold weather. 
- UPF Rating 50+

- All flat seam construction
- Textured grid pattern Fleece
- 5% Micro Polyester
- 220

What I love about it?
- This half-zip top really is warm to wear. I find myself wearing this a lot, even at home just the top and the leggings together and I am all warm and comfortable. I am wearing the top right now as I am writing this review. 
- Nothing itchy. The textured fleece lining is soft against your skin. 
- Thick enough, but not bulky. 
- It also has thumb loops, which you can't see in the photo. The thumb loops keep your sleeves down to keep the warmth in. And it is helpful when you wear it under your jacket to hold your sleeves down and won't roll up. 
- The zipper easily zips up and down. 

 photo IMG_2690_zps830a7b87.jpg

I am wearing a Terramar Hottotties Top
Climasense 3.0 (Warmest) Ecolator TR
W8536 Women's Scoop (Purple Rain)
- TR Thermoregulation comfort technology. Feel great in all conditions.
- If you are cold TR provides a warm effect.
- If you are warm TR provides a cool effect.
- Anti-Microbial for odor control.
- Heavyweight dual surface knitting system incorporates high loft grid channels for enhanced breathability and effective layering for cold weather.
- UPF Rating 50+
- Texture Fleece

- All flat seam construction
- Cloud Nine
- 96% Micro Polyester
- 5% Spandex
- 230 

What I love about this product? 
- It feels so comfortable against your skin. That textured fleece lining inside is nothing itchy. It is soft and like I said, it is comfortable. 
- While I went for a run on a very windy day, it kept me plenty warm without overheating. 
- The material is not something cheap at all that would fall apart easily. It is thick enough, but not bulky when worn under your regular clothes. 
- It also has the thumb loops. 
- I am happy with the product. 

 photo IMG_2562_zps89b29d7a.jpg

My son is wearing 
Boy's ThermoLite Fleece 3.0
W8483 Boy's 1/2 Zip
- ec2 Qwik-Dri Thermoregulation Comfort Technology
- Anti-Microbial.
- Anti-Pill Face.
- Cozy, soft and comfortable.
- Warmth with less bulk.
- UPF rating 50+.

Double Fleece Construction
- 100% Polyester
- 120

- I love how cute the top looks. I mean, the combination of black and the neon green is adorable. My son even wears this base layer to school just as a top and it is warm enough inside the school. 
- So far I have not heard any complaints from this kid that the base layer is uncomfortable. He seems to love it and in no hurry to take it off. It is really soft and comfortable for my little man to wear. The same thing goes with the pants. 
- I also love that it is anti-pill because who wants a piece of clothing that pills off? 
- Very happy with the products. 

 photo IMG_2609_zps3122613b.jpg

 photo IMG_2608_zps1baf5f7d.jpg
He is wearing both the Terramar Top and Pants to school. 
 photo IMG_2571_zps796a1aa5.jpg

All in all, we are very happy with the products that we got from Terramar. We all love the design, the warmth and the comfort it provides, and it is living up to its promise to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold weather. If you or your family spends a lot of time outdoors during the winter like Snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, or any kind of outdoor activities that you love to do, you should check out Terramar. They have a variety of base layers to choose from for Men, Women and Kids to help you stay warm and comfortable during the winter. Thank you so much, Terramar! Don't forget to checkout their website at to check out the rest of their products. 

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  1. i like these they look stylish and warm teo things i most want

  2. All of you look great in these thermal clothes. I love that they have the anti-microbial properties plus UPF 50+ ratings. Terramar makes excellent products.

  3. Thermals are a must around here for winter time, I can't not be outside more than a few minutes at a time without thermals!! They look like on your family as well!

  4. it seems that their outer wear is just so comfy and warm to use for winter clothes.

  5. Awww lucky you Mommy, tho=se are lots of products to try and they look really high ends.


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