Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SAHM Style: My Second Day Of Running

It was my second day of running yesterday and by this time, I made it about a mile of run and walk. It's only been my second day of back to running so I want to take it easy. Hopefully soon I can run all to way without having to walk. I am really determined to get this going and make my mind and my body get used to running and love it. However, I really don't love running alone, but it's a good thing my running route is a safe place to go and there's not a lot of traffic either. My husband and I have to take turns watching the kids at home so I run first while he goes next. When I went for a run yesterday, I came home to my family sleeping on the reclining chair while reading a Traveler magazine. Precious! Also, I really need to get me something that I can use to listen to the music while running because that keeps me going. Like I am in some sort of a trance that I don't even feel tired easily. 

 photo IMG_2724_zps74ceb38d.jpg
Hat: Academy (really old)
Scarf: c/o Warriors In Pink 
Long-sleeve shirt: c/o Hottotties from Terramar Sports with thumb loops (it keeps me warm) 
White Shirt underneath: Hane's for Men (Walmart)
Pants: ? Forgot the name, but it's from Target (two years ago)

 photo IMG_2725_zps060ed886.jpg

 photo IMG_2726_zps806ef2a7.jpg
Awe! Precious.


  1. My daughter and I do long walks and have recently been talking about incorporating running, I am not sure I am up for that lol but we may try, your outfit looks nice and warm way to cold here for running outside!

  2. Awwww your husband is like my husband, a very loving father to his kids! Keep inspiriong me on your runs woot!

  3. Looking very stylish and super comfortable. I have yet to start running...I am waiting for it not to get dark too early (4:30pm) I don't like being out in the dark on my own....but I'd love to start running. Hope I look as stylish as you when it actually happen (running).

  4. wow second day way to go running has never been something i enjoyed

  5. the husband and the kids are all asleep except you, i don't know if i can resists running but would love to try someday.

  6. I hope you had a great run momi.:) Love the picture of you babies.

  7. You looked so cute and is nice you can go running without worrying about what the children and your husband are doing. Great photos!

  8. So sweet naman sa mag-ama. Their dada looks so tired man. :)


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