Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bundle Up, So You Don't Freeze!

After my boys left for school and my little girl was still sound asleep, I went outside to see the cold and beautiful surrounding blanketed in white snow. It was freezing cold and my hand started to hurt, then it went numb that I had to go inside to warm up. After warming up beside the woodstove, I then went outside for the second time and took a few shots while I enjoy watching a family of rabbits busy hopping around the yard. I wonder if they are hungry and cold? I hope not. 

I am from a tropical country, nevertheless there is a part of me that enjoys the snow or the winter. Of course, it is not fun and safe for people that have to get up early in the morning to go to work or school, so be safe and stay warm everyone. I would say this has been the harshest winter I have ever experienced since coming to America. This week's also been a snowy kind of week and it looks like we are going to have more snow coming this weekend. But I am not complaining. 

 photo 1901125_10152178180655699_507614690_n_zps5be21498.jpg

 photo 1601595_10152178180575699_2002965014_n_zps7c8860f5.jpg

 photo 1795776_10152178184710699_942862361_n_zps26f63862.jpg

 photo 1661512_10152178348225699_831513935_n_zps6f31bae6.jpg

 photo 1901958_10152178238080699_1857600592_n_zpsef9f78e7.jpg

 photo 1621873_10152178358355699_509679545_n_zps4c5f7798.jpg

 photo 1619534_10152178190485699_2144525556_n_zps8903a7b4.jpg

 photo 1779332_10152178349045699_734244581_n1_zps137f4f79.jpg

 photo 1604747_10152178350740699_574335958_n_zpsbde91202.jpg

 photo 1546449_10152178359495699_1829851420_n_zps5d77953c.jpg

 photo 1898236_10152178335335699_423053819_n_zps13b44657.jpg

 photo 1560585_10152178359070699_300212973_n_zpse6977a21.jpg

 photo 1549572_10152178349100699_1460153540_n_zpsa78c624e.jpg

 photo 1508016_10152178354200699_1329020233_n_zpsd09b7f9d.jpg


  1. Great photos!!!
    So happy to hear you enjoy the snow

  2. I really love it when snow is fresh but when it is a few days old.. it looks dirty, oh well, I live in the city so that's why our snow becomes filthy after a day or two. Nice photos Mommy Adin! Who takes them?

  3. Beautiful home and photos. It is nice that you have a family of rabbits living in your yard. There is something relaxing about watching wildlife.

  4. We rarely get snow over here and not that much but I bundle up just the same. I cannot tolerate cold. I'd freeze to death.

  5. wow that's alot of snow but have to say i like the boot they look warm

  6. Fun, fun, fun. I can't have my photo taken outside sis, I will freeze lol.


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