Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Life Recently

It has been quite a week for our family with all the sickness going on around our house. First it was me, then following my little girl, then last weekend my husband, and yesterday was my son. But, thank goodness this morning my son said he is feeling well and was ready to go back to school. His temperature went down and he just needed a good rest and a good night sleep and he was up and running. I really hope he won't get sick again. This boy is not happy if he misses a day of school and he told me that. 

As for the weather, it's been quite a snowy week, in fact, as I am writing this right now it is yet another snow day. Yesterday was so beautiful when everything was covered in snow and a bit foggy, and it really was a beautiful winter wonderland. And as I was about ready to take my girl for a walk on her Piggyback Rider, the wind started to pick up and the weather became unpleasant. So much for my plan of my afternoon walk. 

Even for some snowy days, it wasn't enough to really get deep, but it was enough for us to have fun sliding down the concrete hill. We were desperate to go for a sled ride, but since we didn't get out sleds this year, my husband found a spot where we could have some fun. Well, it was on a concrete under the bridge by the railroad track right behind the house. We all had such a great time my little man wanted to do it all over again. Isn't it amazing when you weren't really planning on doing anything on a particular day and just go-with-the-flow kind of day that you actually end up having fun. I mean, just being with the family was enough for it to be an awesome day out in the snow. 

There were also lots of baking happening in our house (as always) and plenty of house days and when the kids get cooped up inside the house for too long, your house looks like a mess. But as long as they are happy and entertained, why not. 

 photo IMG_2946_zpsc75e5780.jpg

I forgot to tell my husband I don't need any chocolates or flowers on Valentine's Day, but something for the kitchen or for my baking like new set of baking sheets or an air bake sheets. When he went to the store, he wasn't sure what to get me, so he bought this because he knows I love plants. Thank you, my dear Tim! 
 photo IMG_2998_zps392c7cc5.jpg

 photo IMG_2984_zps7b31aff5.jpg

Tea for me and my husband. 
 photo IMG_2956_zpsf0f39926.jpg

 photo IMG_3011_zps6f025db8.jpg

My little bakers-in-the-making. And for some reason, putting on some fake mustaches while baking was fun. So cute! 
 photo IMG_3028_zpse3303cd9.jpg

 photo IMG_2949_zps442ca356.jpg

 photo IMG_2955_zps190a51a2.jpg

 photo IMG_2956_zps4a464a07.jpg

My little bookworm. If she's not napping, eating or playing, you are more likely to find her with a book in her hands. 
 photo IMG_3014_zps8c6d5c20.jpg

Teamwork! They do a great job of working together when it comes to dishes. I don't know what happened, but my boy asked me if the dishes on the sink were already clean because if not, he wanted to do the dishes. And then the little girl joined in. Although it makes such a huge mess, but I will never say no to kids who are willing to do dishes (with my supervision of course). Thanks, my dearies. 
 photo IMG_3015_zpsa0ca8803.jpg


  1. So sorry to hear about the sickness of the family sis. Great job in teaching your kids household chores Mommy!

    1. I love the orchid he gave you Mommy and hey, can you please pass over some ensaymada? hehehe

  2. you have such a fun family esp your kids... they are wonderful

  3. i hope everyone in the family will be in the pink of condition soon. i love baking too but have never tried breads, just cakes and cookies.

  4. Thank goodness everyone is finally well. The rolls made my mouth water. They looked sooooo delicious. Love the orchid that Tim got for you. So thoughtful and beautiful. Selby is so cute reading her book and hasn't Harley always been Mama little helper? This was a great posting. Thank you for including us in your adventures.

  5. the ensaymada makes me drool. send me the recipe again sis. i lost it.

  6. My kids are the same. When they are confined in the house because of the weather, the toys are everywhere. Can't really complain. They need to entertain themselves somehow.

  7. It's nice to know that you're all well now. That plant is really nice, I love anything purple and I also love their moustache!


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