Sunday, March 9, 2014

Family Time: Road Trip To Laramie, Wyoming

I know there are not a lot of photos around downtown Laramie on this post, but I hope you enjoy the photos that I am sharing with you today. Laramie is about two hours away from Glendo (where we live), but since we were up to exploring a new town, we went ahead anyway. We had a great time walking around downtown and visiting stores and what not. It has been a long bitterly cold winter that whenever you get the chance to be outside, you make the most out of it. It was sunny and beautiful 30+ something weather and it was a perfect day to be out and about. It was a good thing I brought with me my little girl's new ride, the Piggyback Rider. It was very handy to have and she enjoyed it. (I am not paid or sponsored to advertise their product. I thought my readers would like to know whether or not a certain product is worth the buy.)

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, we explored the Laramie downtown on foot. It was fun checking out some new stores that we have never been to before and get some exercise at the same time. And, when you do a lot of walking, you get really hungry. You can check out my blog post here about the place where we had brick oven pizza. 

 photo IMG_3310_zps312d1e41.jpg

 photo IMG_3314_zps94c2609f.jpg

 photo IMG_3316_zpsea58007a.jpg

 photo IMG_3318_zps126627db.jpg
Wildlife Area by the road
(Hey there, Moose!)

 photo IMG_3322_zpsd84a9745.jpg

 photo IMG_3323_zps2c53dfbd.jpg

 photo IMG_3229_zps5639ee44.jpg

 photo IMG_3212_zps9cace33d.jpg
Because when you have kids, you never miss checking out the toy store. 

 photo IMG_3213_zpsfc4b915c.jpg

 photo IMG_3226_zps2933d8c9.jpg

 photo IMG_3225_zps4ecf47af.jpg

I wish my lens was able to capture how beautiful the view was from up that bridge. The snow-capped mountains in the background was gorgeous. We definitely are not in Kansas, anymore! 
 photo IMG_3224_zps7dbbfaef.jpg

 photo IMG_3223_zpsd071f49c.jpg

 photo IMG_3222_zps2a96697c.jpg

 photo IMG_3221_zps3a219ab6.jpg

 photo IMG_3219_zps0a3956a3.jpg

 photo IMG_3218_zpsbadbec9f.jpg

 photo IMG_3217_zps138cbe10.jpg

 photo IMG_3216_zps8d44d132.jpg

 photo IMG_3215_zps23807ec0.jpg

 photo IMG_3245_zpsf6a86e83.jpg

 photo IMG_3244_zpse98df3cf.jpg

 photo IMG_3237_zpsa293f208.jpg


  1. Looks like a good time, and beautiful scenery.

  2. You had a great day there with the sun warming up your day and all of those views are so nice - don't worry much about your lens - your photos shows good scenery.

  3. It looks really fun. I love walking, the outdoors, and exploring, especially with the kids. Life is measured by moments and these look wonderful!

  4. Loved the tour of Laramie. Beautiful place. Especially liked the photos of you with Selby standing in the carrier. Good exercise while having fun. I always love to see photos of your family adventures.

  5. That pizza looks delicious! I'm not sure when I'll be passing through Wyoming next (we are in Miami), but I'll be sure to keep it in mind.

  6. Oh I love road trips. Especially stopping at gift shops. :)
    Y'all enjoy sis and be safe.


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