Monday, March 10, 2014

My Kids: It's Mud Puddle Time!

We finally had some beautiful weather where the kids got to play in the mud puddle. A little mud puddling won't hurt the kids. Seeing these two having a great time playing outside and do whatever they wanted to do was sure relaxing. Playing outside the house makes two little kids happy and less cranky. And so does mama. How was your weather these past few days? I hope your's was lovely as well. 

 photo IMG_3283_zps272528e5.jpg

 photo IMG_3285_zps5c725e15.jpg

 photo IMG_3286_zpsca71dbd2.jpg

 photo IMG_3287_zpsbdd011a8.jpg

 photo IMG_3289_zpscabe7753.jpg

 photo IMG_3290_zps4c08ed90.jpg
(It was raining with ice (huh?) when we decided to walk to the park, but it didn't last long.)

 photo IMG_3187_zps6ca78aa0.jpg

 photo IMG_3188_zps30e0609d.jpg

 photo IMG_3193_zps962fef52.jpg


  1. LOL What cute memorable photos. Selby is soooo feminine and Harley is such a boy. She walks so daintily through the water and Harley barrels through with water and mud flying. Pure joy.

  2. What is it about kids and mud?! You'd think the puddle was magnetic or something! Oh year, I used to do it too...

  3. Looks like their having good time.

  4. it also boost there immune system so that's just fine, i wish i have two kids it must be really fun to have them both play together.

  5. They look happy and having so much fun. The weather was warmer yesterday so I took my kids to YMCA park. Snows are everywhere still but it wasn't too bad. My kids had a great time.

  6. THat is something that my kids enjoyed when we went to the Philippines. Your little ones looks like having a lotta fun!


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