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Product Review/Giveaway: Organa's IRIS: The Happy Professor (Volume 3)

This is another product review in continuation with the DVD reviews that I received from Organa. The first DVD review I did that I got from them was the Happy Valley DVD and you can click on this link to read my previous review. After this review, I have another to share with you and this time it will be the Pizza Party (Yoga Class for Kids) with Lisa Detamore. It's fun for kids! But for now, let's find out what IRIS: The Happy Professor is all about. 

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Organa is introducing American families to cultures from around the world through stories and characters with universal themes. As mothers of small children, we evaluate hundreds of titles and hand-pick our catalog with an emphasis on stories, art and science. It is important that kids entertainment is high quality and age appropriate without speaking down to them. Entertainment and technology should inspire kids to have an awareness of the world as a whole.

Organa encourages a balance between technology use and real-world experiences. Our first app for the iPhone, “Scavenger Traveler” is a scavenger hunt that encourages kids to explore the world around them and bring home mementos of their travels.

Our founders have ties to The Criterion Collection and The Voyager Company known for quality entertainment and ground-breaking Multi-media.

What's In The Mail?
Iris: The Happy Professor volume 3 cover
Country of Origin: Canada
Run Time: 87 mins

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Your preschooler gobbled up the first volume of Professor Iris teaching science so quickly that we had to get you more!

Professor Iris has a knack for explaining things so that young children will understand and each episode includes a song to reinforce the theme. Each episode begins with Professor Iris arriving in his classroom greeted by his students. The theme of the episode can usually be found in his oversized bowtie.

Designed for preschoolers and created by award-winning cartoonist and animator Henri Desclez, who brought in puppeteers from the show Fraggle Rock. The set and the puppetry are great quality.

Episodes on this volume:
Fruits & Vegetables
Hot & Cold, Nature
The Earth and the Sky

Additional Information
Running Time: 87 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Format: NTSC DVD Video
Bonus Features: No
Aspect Ratio: 4x3
Color or B&W: Color
Language: English
Audio Tracks: 2.0 Stereo
Region: 1
Number of Discs : 1

What Do We Think About The DVD?
- It is sad to say, but the IRIS: The Happy Professor Volume 3 DVD is not a hit in this family. My kids are five and two years old, but they didn't think this DVD was that entertaining at all. Nor did the characters neither. We gave it another chance and watched it again and my two kids walked out on me. All they wanted to watch is Happy Valley and nothing else. 

- IRIS is a puppet show that is supposed to be entertaining for kids while also learning about the world of Science like the four different Seasons, Fruits and Vegetables, Hot & Cold, Nature The Earth and the Sky, and Minerals. It also incorporates songs for kids to learn and sing along. 

- It is a very educational DVD where kids get to learn a lot about Science, but I guess for some older kids, this would be really interesting. I mean, it is intended for preschoolers, but my two-year old wasn't interested. I guess it was tough to watch this after watching the video Happy Valley, which for them was more entertaining. But you know, just because my kids were not into it, doesn't mean your kids won't like it. I guess it just depends on the kid's interest. I am hanging on to this DVD though, and maybe someday when they get a little older, we can watch it again and see what they think. 

- To find out more about IRIS and the rest of Organa's DVD collection, you can check out their website at Thank you, Organa! 

- And, just incase you want an IRIS DVD of your own for your kids to enjoy, Organa is giving away ONE (1) IRIS DVD to ONE (1) lucky Chetopian Family reader. All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below. Good luck and enjoy! 

This Giveaway is open to US and Canada only! 

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  1. Make kids would love this. Looks really cute!

  2. Looks great! my kiddos would love this!


  3. This is wonderful dvd for kids, I haven't received my prize yet but probably still in the mail...can't wait to share it with my son.

  4. Fontainebleau: A Rendezvous at the Castle looks interesting! (by the way, your RaffleCopter link to the sponsor's website is bad)

  5. My kids would love this!
    Great review and thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My son would probably not be interested in it since it is puppets. He is so used to the fancy animation these days.

  7. The characters did not appeal to your lovely kiddos eh? I think your kids have different taste when it comes to choosing characters in the show that they would like.

  8. This looks like a great addition to our educational dvds for my kids.

  9. This looks like an awesome video for the kids!

  10. This is a very interesting DVD. My little one will surely like it.

  11. My kids aren't keen on puppets and all. They love the animated ones better.

  12. This looks like a great set for the little ones. Fun stuff!

  13. Cool, it's always nice to have tools that make learning fun. :)

  14. I love making learning fun for my kids!

  15. My daughter are way to old for something like this.
    But might be fun for the younger? Or somehing in between :)

  16. So cute! My nieces would love this :)

  17. Sad that the Happy Professor did not make your lovelies happy hehehe.

  18. Maybe your two year old will like when she grows up. But some kids just don't like puppet shows, at any age.

  19. I think my daughter will love Iris! Is the giveaway open to US readers only?

  20. Kids are very fortunate nowadays. Learning is not done in the four corners of the classroom alone. They have DVDs now! That is a lot fun than staying inside the classroom for many hours. ^_^


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