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Product Review: Adventures Of Mouse And Mole Volume 1 DVD From Organa

In continuation with my Organa DVD reviews, I have another one to share with you today and it is about The Adventures Of Mouse and Mole Volume 1. But before I go on, let us have a short introduction first of the company, Organa. 

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Organa is introducing American families to cultures from around the world through stories and characters with universal themes. As mothers of small children, we evaluate hundreds of titles and hand-pick our catalog with an emphasis on stories, art and science. It is important that kids entertainment is high quality and age appropriate without speaking down to them. Entertainment and technology should inspire kids to have an awareness of the world as a whole.

Organa encourages a balance between technology use and real-world experiences. Our first app for the iPhone, “Scavenger Traveler” is a scavenger hunt that encourages kids to explore the world around them and bring home mementos of their travels.

Our founders have ties to The Criterion Collection and The Voyager Company known for quality entertainment and ground-breaking Multi-media.

What's In The Mail?
Adventures of Mouse & Mole Volume 1 DVD cover

Country of Origin: United Kindom
Run Time: 50 minutes per volume

Adventures of Mouse & Mole: Volume 1

This series originally aired in BBC is a sparkling adaptation of Joyce Dunbar's classic stories about practical Mouse and capricious Mole. Mouse and Mole live together in a little cottage in the country. Mouse is practical and cheerful. Mole gets into scrapes and needs mollycoddling. Their everyday adventures appeal to adults and children alike. the charm of the stories lies in the endearing friendship of the two central characters and the humor of their exchanges.

Your children will delight in the everyday adventures of these lovable companions as they help each other navigate through good times and bad. Each colorfully animated story playfully explores the joys and complexities of friendship. Bursting with warm humor from start to finish, these universal and timeless stories are a treat for the whole family.

Preposterous Puddle
Tidying Up
The Daffodil
Least Expecting
The Picnic
The Hammock
Half A Banana
Catch A Falling Leaf

Additional Information
Running Time: 50 minutes per volume
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Format: DVD Video, NTSC
Bonus Features: No
Aspect Ratio: 4x3
Color or B&W: Color
Language: English
Audio Tracks: 2.0 Stereo
Region: No

Number of Discs: No

Our Review:
- This is really an interesting and entertaining DVD. This DVD is all about the daily adventures of two wonderful friends- Mouse and Mole. These two characters live together in a tiny cottage out in the country. They are two opposite creatures, yet they understand each other. Mole is a bit of a sensitive creature and loves food, while Mouse does make sense, practical and cheerful. This show teaches kids about what a great friendship really means. There may be some ups and downs in their friendship, but at the end of the day, they learn to forgive each other. 

- There was one particular scene that I do love that really shows about what a good friend Mouse is. It was the day when the two friends were outside and the two found something that really interests them. Then Mouse found a stick that he called Humphrey Stick and he wanted to take it home with him. Mole found a mud puddle and he was really having so much fun with it and wanted to take it home with him too. But he didn't know what to do and how to take it back home with him. Mouse helped Mole by putting the water in the mud puddle into the glass jar, so Mole could take it home with him. When they headed back home, they met a friend on the road and asked the two friends (Mouse and Mole) what they found. Mouse told him about the stick he found and called it Humphrey, while Mole told him about his mud puddle in the jar. The friend thought that a mud puddle in the jar idea was silly and that made Mole upset. He thought Mouse was doing that to make him look silly and was not very happy with Mouse. To make the already long story short, Mouse decided to give his Humphrey stick to Mole to make him feel better, and he got himself a new stick. Now, both Mouse and Mole, each have their own stick. 

- Another favorite of mine is the episode called STUFF. See, Mole is a bit of a pack rat. While they were cleaning up a room in the house, they were able to pack up a whole bunch of unwanted stuff and they took it to the Dumpster. While Mouse was busy dumping up their garbage, Mole ended up collecting a bunch of stuff from the Dumpster and took it back home.  Instead of clearing up their house free from junk, Mole took home a bunch of stuff and their house was packed. They ended up having to stay outside because the house was full of junk. As what Mouse said, "Stuff is Stuff, and Space is Space. You can have stuff, but you can't have space. You can have space, but you can't have stuff. You can't have both."

- Anyway, if this was my money spent to buy the DVD, I would say we are very pleased with the DVD and my kids do enjoy watching it. It is worth it. Thank you, Organa

- To checkout the rest of their DVD collection, visit Organa's website at Thank you, Organa

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  1. Oh my gosh so cute! I think my son would like the DVD. I think it would be neat to be able to introduce my son to different cultures! and get to know the ethic backgrounds of my husband and I! I love this idea!

  2. Sounds like a lovely one for kids to enjoy. I like that it is educational too.

  3. I loved the part about the Stuff and Space. You can't have both. I love it! These sound great. I'm sure my kiddos would love them, as well.


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