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Product Review: One Dress. Six Ways. (Mata Traders Dress Review)

I have been given the chance to review a lovely summer dress from a wonderful company that supports fair trade. This company is called Mata Traders. Mata Traders is the kind of company that supports these families in India from poverty. They treat their workers with respect and equality, and it helps empower women, as well. And not to mention that their collection is amazing! 

The Mata Traders collection ranges from clothing, accessories, jewelry, bags, home decor, weddings, to gift certificates. Read below for a short introduction to the company, then followed by my own personal product review. Also, a how-to style one dress, six ways. Enjoy! 

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About Us
Change the world - start with your closet

Our products are handmade using artistic traditions such as block-printing and factory production here. Combine that with flattering design and a flair for color, and you've got the Mata look.

But that's just half the story - this is fashion with impact. For our producers, it's an opportunity to make a better life for their families. Choosing fair trade means you're helping fight global poverty.

Our journey with ‘Mother India’ began in 2003, when Michelle, Joni, and I, best friends since college, spent 4 months traveling the subcontinent on a round the world trip. After that, while Michelle went to grad school and Joni worked at a community org, I went back to India yearly for buying trips, importing everything from antique wall hangings to leather shoes.  As my business blossomed, so did my awareness of the conditions of poverty that exist for much of the population. I began to see my buying power there as a chance to make a difference, and on my second trip I actively sought out producer groups that paid their workers good wages and practiced the principles of fair trade.

Mata Trader's Mission
Our mission is to work with organizations that educate, employ, and empower women. Spending time with these groups has helped us realize that even the most traditional women, when given the opportunity, thrive in a sphere of meaningful work that is outside their homes and families. We have also learned that equality in the workplace IS possible in a country as socially stratified as India.  Whether a beginner sewer or the marketing director, all the women that make our clothing and accessories have a voice. We are so proud to be a part of that voice by bringing you their quality handiwork in a high fashion, fairly traded product line.

Fair Trade Companies:  Michelle with our fabric producers - 3 generations of one family  Jonit with fair trade co-op social worker

What's In The Mail?

Summerfest Dress Houses
Summerfest dress houses

- Your go-to spring/summer dress! 
- With the higher neckline you can dress it up for a family occasion or wear it casual to your neighborhood street fest.
- Hidden pockets.

Length: XS: 33", S: 33.5", M: 33.5", L: 34", XL: 34" 1X: 36", 2X: 37", 3X: 38"

Materials: 100% cotton

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 photo IMG_4373_zps43c9ff0d.jpg
Summerfest Dress paired with Blowfish Ricky Shoes

 photo IMG_4417_zps5faf1a54.jpg
Summerfest Dress paired with a vintage top and Rocket Dog shoes. And a belt borrowed from a jacket. 
 photo IMG_4381_zpscc4724fa.jpg
Summerfest Dress paired with a vintage hat, a green cardi, and a pair of Minnetonka Mocs. 

 photo IMG_4404_zps8da042af.jpg
Summerfest Dress paired with a Nectar Sunglasses, a thrift-ed and altered Army Jacket, and a pair of Rocket Dog shoes for a low-key, casual and comfortable outfit. 

 photo IMG_4431_zpsa249a38d.jpg
Summerfest Dress paired with a vintage button-up tie blouse, and rocket dog shoes.

 photo IMG_4434_zps6ed99c81.jpg
Wearing the Summerfest Dress as a top and paired it with a vintage navy blue skirt, a skinny red belt, and a pair of Blowfish Ricky shoes. 

My Review:
- First of all, I love the fact that Mata Traders company supports fair trade. And I am happy to share the news about this company with all of your readers out there.

- Not only they support a wonderful mission, this dress is also well-made. It fits right on me and I love the two pockets on the side. Reminds me of the vintage dresses I have with side pockets. 

- Another thing I love about this dress is that it is versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. You can style it in how many ways you want it and as you can see in my photos, I style the Summerfest Dress Houses in Six Ways. I am sure you can come up with different ways to style it up yourself. 

- I feel really comfortable and stylish in this new dress and I can't wait to really enjoy wearing it this summer. 

- To check out the rest of their collection, don't forget to visit Mata Traders website today at Thank you, Mata Traders

If this was my money spent to buy the dress, was it worth it?
- Yes! And it is wonderful to know that when you shop at Mata Traders, you are helping families in India. 

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  1. Those styles are all to my liking. It is amazing what we can do when we use our heads. You did great. Some talent there making all those outfits out of one dress.

  2. You look fabulous Mommy Adin. I love the one when you put the green top and put the belt around it, looks gorgeous.

    PS. Glad to see you back!

  3. I love what the company stands for and the dress looks absolutely stunning on you.

  4. Love it all mix and match you cant tell that you only wearing one dress. My favorite is when you match it with navy blue skirt so stunning.

  5. Wow that dress looks beautiful, you really pull it off well!


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