Thursday, June 26, 2014

Her Outfit: Homemade Patriotic Dresses

Just a really quick post about my little girl's homemade Patriotic dresses that I made for her the other day. Remember when I went thrift shopping and I found this skirt? Well, I finally busted out the old sewing machine that was my mother-in-law's and I started sewing. No patterns here and no tutorials because there is a sea of dress tutorials out there in the internet world now, where you can go check out if you want to make one for your little girl. Or, if you need any help and have some questions for me, then feel free to ask. 

 photo IMG_4892_zps2cd469c1.jpg

 photo IMG_4899_zpsef9e9a6e.jpg

First one is a dress with an open back. It actually has a bow on the front, but you can't see it since it blended well with the dress.

 photo IMG_4878_zpsdf640027.jpg

 photo IMG_4880_zps539e0534.jpg

 photo IMG_4879_zps2fe01f63.jpg

 photo IMG_4880_zpsa4de9991.jpg

The hem is a bit of a hi-lo style. 

 photo IMG_4886_zps752b27aa.jpg

The second one is a top with an open side, which will be nice and cool for the summer weather. The white skirt is also something I thrifted awhile back that I refashioned into her own skirt. 

 photo IMG_4900_zps83c94c1c.jpg

 photo IMG_4901_zps230787c7.jpg

 photo IMG_4901_zps6fd8cb1e.jpg

 photo IMG_4905_zps9ccd479f.jpg

 photo IMG_4902_zps82d96e72.jpg

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  1. Wow, you made that? It came out AWESOME!! She looks adorable in it.

  2. I so love the dress Mommy Adin, she look so pretty in it. Kudos to you for having the skill to sew, I want to sew but can't, don't have IT in me lol.

  3. Great job! She's adorable!

  4. What lovely fabric. Your daughter looks adorable in this.

  5. I love the fabric. Very vibrant and fun! I just picked up some really long white skirts at Target and I am very excited about them. It's hard to find pretty long skirts! Your daughter looks so beautiful in her white skirt!

  6. She is so cute can't help but to smile. She looks more adorable when her hair is up.

  7. I can't believe that it's home made, honestly it looks amazing and you're daughter looks adorable in it.

  8. I love this print and especially the back of the dress.

  9. What a cute dress and hand made too. Awesome. Also she is adorable. I like the open back. Cool and comfy.

  10. Oh my goodness! That is so cute. I love the fabric and style!

  11. That couldn't be cuter, and I love how you did the back of it!

  12. Oh! She looks lovely! Cute smiles! I love these patterns on her. Very nice!


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