Friday, June 20, 2014

Rummage Sale Haul: For Under $17

Earlier this month I went to a rummage sale here in town and I scored me a few items. While I was there, I realized how much I really miss shopping at the rummage sale and how much I miss the people. It was nice to see some familiar faces and talking to them. 

During my thrift shopping, I ended up spending under $17 for five grocery bags full of junk. I mean goodies! I was really hoping to find more kids clothes and some vintage dresses, but I didn't. Maybe next time, which probably means next year. Ouch! I am really going to miss it. Here is my Rummage sale haul.

It is actually a spacious building and this is just the other side of it. I wasn't able to take a photo of the entire building. 
 photo IMG_4596_zps5a7baa8b.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps4cb4447b.jpg

 photo IMG_4601_zpse02d2e70.jpg
I got some clothes for me and for the kids, and as usual, nothing for the husband. I also got some bags and four picture frames that I am taking with me back to Wyoming in our other house.

 photo IMG_4605_zpsb2388d17.jpg

When I first saw this skirt, I immediately thought of refashioning it into my little girl's 4th of July dress. We will see if I can do that since I didn't bring my other sewing machine.  All I have is an old one and crossing my fingers and toes it still works. She loves the design on this skirt and when she saw me wearing it, she told me to take it off because she wants to wear it. 
 photo IMG_4610_zpsf8e3a767.jpg

I was super excited when I saw this plaid skirt. Yaye! It is a vintage skirt with buttons on the side and one side pocket. It is comfortable to wear and you can bet it will get a lot of wear time this fall and winter. I have been looking for one for a long while now and I finally got one. And the fit is just right. 
 photo IMG_4622_zpsa01497ff.jpg

 photo IMG_4620_zpsa16e1915.jpg

 photo IMG_4615_zps43191147.jpg

 photo IMG_4633_zps4efcb760.jpg

 photo IMG_4631_zpsc618c5f9.jpg

 photo IMG_4660_zps23aec2e2.jpg

 photo IMG_4663_zpsa3f7ff7e.jpg

I know I already have like three long sleeves in this color, but the designs are different and this one has two pockets on the front and a button-down shirt. I couldn't pass it and it is in perfect condition. 
 photo IMG_4662_zps1a414d3f.jpg

 photo IMG_4666_zpse67f55b3.jpg

 photo IMG_4670_zpsaedbf5f9.jpg

 photo IMG_4667_zps41072313.jpg

 photo IMG_4656_zps8dbd76ab.jpg

I found another Vintage Dooney & Bourke and this time it has the shoulder straps. The last one I had, which is the white one (photo below), didn't have the straps. The awesome thing is, the strap is removable so I can just remove the strap and use it on the white one if I want to use it. 
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsd6a60f72.jpg

 photo IMG_4673_zps1b99262b.jpg
I thrifted the white one last year and it's still in good condition. I am hoping the next time I go rummage sale shopping that I would find another Dooney & Bourke. I want more! How about you, have you thrifted lately? Have a good one! 


  1. What a great haul! I love when I can find great deals thrifting.

  2. Great finds! And great photos! I'm hoping to hit some tag sales this summer :)

  3. Wow! You sure found a lot of great stuff at that sale. Great work :)

  4. I know people who do this every weekend, and score some great things! Nice Haul you took!

  5. Those really are some awesome finds! I especially love the skirts. That would make me very happy :)

  6. I love to do trift shopping also! It's such a good way to find usuful and even valuable things (like almost new clothes, games, books, toys, etc.) in a very good price.

  7. I love thrift stores. The one by my house is 50% off every other Saturday. Great finds!

  8. You are the Queen of thrift shopping. Great purchases. You always look so stylish and can't wait to see how you match these finds up.


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