Friday, August 22, 2014

2014 Family Summer Vacation Part 2- Hebgen Lake & Earthquake Lake

Before we went on to this trip, my husband was looking at his old map mapping out the places that we would love to explore while visiting the Yellowstone and the nearby area. He told us that he was going to take us to this lake that he had been before and it was beautiful there. The Hebgen Lake and the Earthquake Lake is where he wanted to take us. Then he went on about the history of the place and how heartbreaking it was when that night of the terror happened on the 17th of August 1959. If you have not heard of this place before or doesn't know the history of the place, here is a little bit of an information from Wikipedia

"A family that works together like the people in Babel before the great divide. There is almost nothing they cannot achieve if they have made up minds and work as part of a team".

The drive by the lake was absolutely beautiful! And it was one of the trips that I enjoyed so much and are very thankful for the chance that I got to see it in person. Gosh! I just can't get over how beautiful this place is and if given the chance, sure, I would love to live here. Even though it rains a lot and it gets much colder in the winter. 

In this post, I have included a video of our exploration around the Hebgen Lake and Earthquake Lake and I hope you enjoy. If you have never been to this area, it is a must see place. Someday though, I would like to come back here and camp at one of their campsites. Stunning views all around you. It is a perfect place to wind and unwind and rejuvenate your spirit. How can you not relax in a place like this. And not to mention you get to learn the history of the place, which makes you appreciate life even more. Life is Short. Life is Precious. Life is Fragile. Enjoy LIFE while you still can! And be thankful for every day that you wake up alive and well. Have a great one! 

 photo IMG_5603_zps8d536fc4.jpg

 photo IMG_5547_zpsd2e715ee.jpg

 photo IMG_5544_zpsdc24cf93.jpg

I would love for us to come back here someday to camp and fly fish. 
 photo IMG_5543_zpsef9c7c36.jpg

 photo IMG_5549_zpse762bc55.jpg

 photo IMG_5623_zps2cf58f3a.jpg

 photo IMG_5533_zpsb485e90e.jpg

 photo IMG_5604_zpsf793e98b.jpg

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 photo IMG_5605_zps04fbe43c.jpg

 photo IMG_5613_zpsd38c50c6.jpg

 photo IMG_5614_zps9528a49f.jpg
The remains of the outhouse and the cabin caused by the earthquake in August 17, 1959. 

 photo IMG_5617_zps150be164.jpg

 photo IMG_5571_zpsbd5db441.jpg
Quake Lake- You can't tell by the photo, but when you see it in person, it is quite eerie. You will see a lot of these dead trees in the lake. 

 photo IMG_5576_zps19036607.jpg
Ops! Excuse me. I thought it was the skunk. 

 photo IMG_5573_zps247c78ed.jpg

 photo IMG_5570_zps323dad7d.jpg

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 photo IMG_5581_zpsdfa04666.jpg

 photo IMG_5599_zps9827d4a3.jpg

 photo 10592116_10204582807836058_2097923213_n_zpsbbcae902.jpg

Have you been to the Hebgen Lake and Earthquake Lake? Tell us about your experience. I would love to hear it from you. Next on the blog, more photos of our vacation and I'll probably show some photos of the Yellowstone National Park with videos. 


  1. You guys really knows how to have fun with nature. LOve all your adventures and the photos makes me want to explore more everyday.

  2. Ha ha, what a happy family. I enjoyed all the photos, the scenery is so relaxing and makes me feel in awe. God's wonderful creations for us to enjoy and take care of. I need to do something like this with my family, my kids will have a great time.

  3. Another great family adventure. I always love your videos and photos. They are so interesting, cute and informative that I feel like I was there with the family. Thanks for posting this.
    BTW, this is the third time I have tried to post to this so if you are not receiving comments, perhaps others are having the same problem. Google is making me sign in before commenting.

  4. You live is such a beautiful place. Nice green scenery. Relaxing to the eyes.

  5. That looks truly amazing. I would love to take my family on an adventure there.

  6. Wow, these photos are breath-taking. I've never been there before but I would like to with the fam. Looks like an adventure along with soaking in the scenery!

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  22. These are some lovely pictures! such a beautiful family time this is. I love it! Beautiful scenery too! Thank you for sharing! Reminds me that we need to do more of this!

  23. Your life seems to be so peaceful with all those scenery around you. I wish my family gets to vacation on places like those.

  24. Amazing pics! Glad you had a lovely family time. I am so in need a vacation like that lately! Thanks for sharing!


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