Monday, September 8, 2014

My Kids' Rooms In (Slow) Progress And Some Inspiration

My kids' rooms are not done, but I am glad I am slowing working on it. After staring at the rooms and how dingy and cave like they were, I finally had the urge to paint them and get that part done. And I have always wanted to paint a wall in chalkboard paint for my kids to write on, so I did. I did paint part of the wall in both of the rooms. My little girl went crazy writing on the wall once it was done. 

 photo Rooms_zpse3f46762.jpg

 photo IMG_5058_zpsf6ced447.jpg

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 photo IMG_5055_zps9eb17cd3.jpg
Little mama's helpers to the rescue. Thank you, sweethearts! 

My Boy's Room

 photo Harleys_zpsa80218c1.jpg

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Don't Feed the Rug (Bear)
Kid's Rug Inspiration for my little man's room. I am not sure though, but I really want to do a DIY on this one. It's too expensive for my budget to buy this one, so I guess I better shop for a rug that I want to use. Wish me luck if I really want to do this. Isn't it cute? It would go so well for a Camp/Fort themed room for my boy. 

 photo Harleys_zps9c1e94aa.jpg

 photo temporary_zps118f7993.jpg

 photo IMG_5158_zpsacea7b83.jpg

 photo IMG_5011_zps6cd7cd51.jpg
This table is now in its new location and I want to add a bench here as my son's reading nook. It will have a hanging light and a shelf on top for more storage.

 photo IMG_5010_zps65536aa3.jpg

 photo IMG_5009_zps0388b52f.jpg
A little girl started painting the side of the bunk bed white. I guess she read my mind that I did want to paint it white, but decided not to. Maybe someday. 

 photo IMG_5003_zpse4d4e413.jpg

 photo IMG_5048_zps1b855884.jpg

Driftwood Hanging Light Chandelier, Three Tier Round Driftwood Lamp, Coastal Chic Lamp, Rope Lamp, Hanging Light, Sunburst Lamp
As for my son's room light, here is my inspiration. A Driftwood Hang Light Chandelier. Isn't that creative and unique? We live near the lake so I should be able to collect some driftwood for this project. Had I really known I want this kind of light, I could have collected all those driftwood I had seen during our travel this summer. 

My Girl's Room
 photo IMG_5069_zpsc30a200d.jpg
We still don't have a toddler bed for our girl's room, so that is next on the list. And a tiny table. I had already purchased a few posters to hang on the wall, but forgot to pick some picture frames at the thrift store to put it in. 

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsebc1c83c.jpg
My little girl's room used to be dark and cave like with dark wood paneling that was just awful! For such a small room, the dark wood paneling made it even smaller and not a fun place to be in. And speaking of fun, it was not fun either painting her room. I had to do two coats of Paint + Primer Valspar paint in White Charm. Then I discovered that I have to strip off the paint on the other side of the wall because the paint didn't stick well. 

 photo IMG_5071_zpsdaecc4e2.jpg
A vintage quilt hung on the wall that was from my sister-in-law. I think it might even be hers when she was a baby.

 photo IMG_5072_zpse7e11ae1.jpg

 photo IMG_5078_zpsddbd7795.jpg

 photo IMG_5066_zps0c6179be.jpg

faux capiz chandelier lit
Capiz Shell Inspired Chandelier. My inspiration for my little girl's room. 
Photo Source.

 photo IMG_5077_zpsa87a59ac.jpg

 photo IMG_5131_zps2f1e5dc8.jpg

Our Conversation while painting:
Little Girl: Mama, be careful not to step on the paint. Do you understand that? 
Big Brother: (While I was standing on the chair reaching for the top part of the wall) Mom, will you please get off the chair. I need to paint. 

Awe! Aren't I lucky to have two little helpers. 

My kids were all excited when I told them they can help me paint their walls with chalkboard paint. At first, things went well and I wasn't freaking out until later on when my son painted the other side of the wall that wasn't supposed to be painted. (LOL) I asked my husband to take care of the kids while I do the rest of the painting. And then disaster happened. I spilled the chalkboard paint all over my little girl's carpet. Argggghhhhh!!! But you know what, I wasn't all too upset because I had always wanted to replace the carpets in my kids' rooms into a plywood flooring. I just have to convince my husband about this project. Wish me luck! 

 photo IMG_5132_zpsda1abef3.jpg
See that big mess? It's funny how it turned into a letter J. 

 photo chalkboard_zps8f72cb2f.jpg
The Before on the left, and the After on the Right. 

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps8c2b6426.jpg

 photo IMG_5136_zps6b8906f9.jpg
And a DIY is happening using these old drawers that I saved from our old kitchen cabinet. It is not done since I still have to paint the rest of it white. It will be a bookcase since my little girl is a little bookworm, she needs a bookcase in her room. 

Oh my! I have a lot of things going through my head about what to do with these two little rooms and I am getting anxious to get it done. We still need a few things for the room as well, but I know I can only do one room at a time or do one thing at a time. Be patient, mama. Be patient. 


  1. I love how it came out. It's so much brighter in there!

  2. That looks really good so far! I want to do a chalkboard wall for my youngest as well, though I'm not sure where it's going to be yet.

  3. Amazing what paint can do. Bet the rooms will come out great. You're so brave for doing the chalkboard in the room! Bet the kids love it :)

  4. I love the idea of turning it into a bookcase Mommy! My painting is done but could not move my office there yet since hubby is at work all the time and my desk is so heavy!

  5. Your kids are so cute! I love the results, the room looks great and it's much more functional.

  6. How fun, but a lot of work. It is turning out great. I can't wait to see the finial results.

  7. Looking great!!!! I love that you have included your children in the painting! So smart!

  8. Your helpers are really cute. The rooms are looking way better than when you started.

  9. You sure brightened up those rooms for them. Great job. I love the lamps. I know the little ones had fun helping.

  10. Looks like you've got some great ideas - It's always a big project to redo a room! Good luck and cant wait to see it all done!

  11. I love the chalkboard wall. I didn't know there was a paint for that. What great fun for kids to be creative over the years in there rooms with it. My son is 16 and he is still adding and changing things in his room. Enjoy!

  12. Love the chandelier and other ideas ! Good luck!

  13. I like the work you are doing in the rooms. Chalkboard paint is such a great touch for kids' rooms.

  14. looks great. i love that the little man is helping, awesome project.

  15. Great idea on turning the drawers into bookcases! It makes a better bookcase, then buying it. I love the chalkboard paint. It keeps the little and big one busy as well. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Impressive renovations. I wish I had a good eye for updates. I never know what to do with a space. My husband is actually the interior decorator in the house. Great work!

  17. You've got it all figured out with what to do. It's going to be pretty awesome when finished. Love that the kids are a part of it too.

  18. Wow you are transforming those rooms into a work of art. It will look beautiful and you have plenty of time! I love the chalkboard wall!

  19. I love how it's turning out! It's so much brighter and I love the driftwood chandelier inspiration!

  20. My, my! You have a big job on your hands and I'd love to see the finished project. It's a good thing you have a clear vision of how you want their rooms to look. Best wishes!


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