Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 Family Summer Vacation Part 6: Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming

I don't think I need to say anything more when I talk about Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming other than MAGNIFICENT! It has been a blessing for us to be able to visit the park again. It has been Eight years (8) since my husband and I visited the park on our honeymoon trip. This was a special trip for us and being able to visit the park again this time with our kids is an experience that we will all remember. And I am glad I have some photos to help our kids remember these special times. 

We always want our kids to know about Yellowstone and be able to experience it in person. We have watched old videos of the Yellowstone National Park prior to this trip and we were just excited to go on this vacation. And we did! We surely had a great time during our visit and me and my husband are itching to go back again soon. Or maybe in a couple of years. Or maybe next year. I don't know. We will see. But by this time, we better make sure to make an advanced room reservation so we can stay in the park and not have to drive far to get to our rented room. If you have never been to Yellowstone before and you are planning on taking a summer trip, make sure to book it during the Winter or during the Spring season. Yes, that early because all the rooms, hotels, motels, cabins, RV/campgrounds, and rental homes will be fully booked by then. You don't want to end up pitching up your tent in the middle of the night because we couldn't find any place to stay. Thank goodness for Mr. Police Officer for helping us. 

Anyway, like I said, I don't think I need to say more about it because pretty much everybody knows that when you visit the park, you will never regret the wonderful experience you will get when you visit the Yellowstone National Park. You just have to see it and experience it yourself. Here are some of our photos. 

Next on the blog are more photos of our summer vacation this year and maybe I will share a few photos I took of the Fire Hole Swimming Area (said to be the only swimming hole in the entire park) or maybe some photos of our afternoon experience in Mammoth Hot Springs with a herd of Elk chilling at the park. Stay tuned! 

 photo IMG_5838_zpsc02ee780.jpg

 photo IMG_5381_zps431c34d5.jpg

 photo IMG_5402_zpsf24f025b.jpg

When you are in such a gorgeous place like in Yellowstone, you take advantage of the view and have lunch by the river. Why not? We even saw a couple of deer checking us out while we were having lunch. 

 photo IMG_5401_zps8a77badf.jpg

 photo IMG_5399_zpsd2640422.jpg

 photo IMG_5398_zpsde2f2a9e.jpg

 photo IMG_5405_zpscba100c9.jpg
And maybe skinny dipping after? No matter how cold the water was, these two water kids couldn't resist the temptation. Had to! And nope! No kids were harmed except just having a great fun. 

 photo 10609025_10204582808236068_945397644_n_zps907ee342.jpg

 photo IMG_5429_zpse5124c98.jpg

 photo IMG_5431_zpse59b0b12.jpg

 photo IMG_5441_zpse5f412e9.jpg

 photo IMG_5438_zpsd28d4813.jpg

 photo IMG_5435_zps23160f00.jpg
This Geyser was bubbling and steaming like crazy. I have a short video of this that I will share with you later on. 

 photo IMG_5718_zps9a07716f.jpg

 photo IMG_5843_zps1b6182af.jpg

 photo IMG_5862_zpsf6f48cc6.jpg

 photo IMG_5820_zps02807a3d.jpg

 photo IMG_5448_zpsdb8fc0f3.jpg

 photo IMG_5446_zpsc8d86dc8.jpg

 photo IMG_5445_zps8e7e83d2.jpg

 photo IMG_5447_zps1045ee7b.jpg

 photo IMG_5830_zpscedff66f.jpg

 photo IMG_5831_zps41ebe699.jpg

 photo IMG_5832_zps0946ac50.jpg
And while the kids are sleeping in the vehicle, the parents get to play in front of the camera. Yep! Way to embarrassed your kids when they grow up. They will be so proud of mommy and daddy. (LOL)

 photo IMG_5821_zps0d9ef417.jpg

 photo IMG_5647_zps1b14bdc0.jpg
Until next time Yellowstone! We will see you again. Hopefully soon. 

You gotta love traveling! It is a privilege, a blessing, and an honor to be able to travel and experience these wonderful creation. If only we could travel for a living, we surely would love to do it. Have a great one! 


  1. Super photos! Love your healthy lunch by the river. The children are so gorgeous. Later the may act like they are embarrassed by their parents but we will know that they are proud of the active, exciting life you lived together. You are giving them a great start to their lives.

  2. This place is on my bucket list! It's so beautiful. Great photos.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone!! It looks beautiful there.

  4. Looks gorgeous! You guys had a great summer!

  5. Your pictures are amazing. I would love to visit there one day.

  6. I've always wanted to go to Yellowstone.. hopefully some day. Gorgeous pictures!

  7. Geourgeous pictures! I enjoyed watching them and reading the post! One can tell you had fun together!

  8. That does look like an amazing trip. I would love to visit there with the family too.

  9. Wow this place is just beautiful. What a lovely family you have and love the pictures. I can sink into them

  10. Looks like so much fun! We have been wanting to visit for awhile! Great photos!

  11. I loved looking at all those pics! Looks like a fantastic place to take your family!


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