Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Journey To A Plant-Based Diet

Yes! You read it right. I am going PLANT-BASED! I can't believe it that I am actually doing this. I mean, it is something that I have been thinking about for a long time now. I didn't just wake up one day and decided to go with this lifestyle because it is all about the rave these days. No! It has been a long debate with myself as to whether or not I can live in this kind of lifestyle because I got to be honest, I like chicken and fish. Well, I like fish more. But, I am happy to tell you that it is about a little over two months now that I have been on mostly plant-based diet. I got to be honest though, there were a few times (during the vacation time) where I had a few meals where it was not full-on plant based. I had food that had cheeses like on veggie pizza (not vegan), chicken, eggs, and a couple times with freshly caught trout. I don't eat pork and I stopped eating beef like a long time ago. I don't remember when.  But I am determined to really full-on live this lifestyle while I am still living. 

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Was it an easy transition for me from having to eliminate animal-based food in my diet? Well, it wasn't too easy and it wasn't too difficult for me either. I mean, I already love eating veggies and fruits and like I said, I had already eliminated eating beef a long time ago. And I don't eat pork (religious reasons). And prior to my decision on going plant-based, I was already in the process of eliminating chicken, eggs, and fish in my diet. So far I am doing really good. I don't crave for fish, chicken or eggs at all and I enjoy prepping, cooking and eating my plant-based diet. 

One challenging thing though when you are on a plant-based diet is when you are on the road. During our vacation, we did a lot of trips to the grocery store so we could buy fruits for lunch, and during dinner time we mostly prepared our own food. We did order some to-go meals from the restaurant and ordered the ones that I could eat. I also did some research about places or restaurants that were vegan-friendly and that really helped. 

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When I first started this lifestyle (not long ago), I had a couple of weeks where I bought some mock meat. Because it was a way for me to help with my cravings for meat. You do need to take it slow though when you decide to switch to this lifestyle. Slowly eliminate the animal-based food in your diet and you are more likely to be successful. As of lately, I have not bought any mock meat products and also because there aren't any available at the store where we shop. Plus, I don't crave for it as much anymore. The less processed Vegan food I eat, the better. Fresh is good! But I do want to try and make my own homemade Seitan though one of these days. I am excited to try! 

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Vegetarian Delight Sushi (plant-based)

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And as for my husband and my kids, they are not on the same diet. But according to my husband, he is not far behind. He too loves to eat veggies and fruits a lot and have eliminated eating pork and beef. He sees me enjoying my new lifestyle and I know one of these days, he will fully commit to living the same lifestyle I am living right now. It is a decision I made for myself and I hope people will respect me for that as I respect yours. Have a great one! 

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Note: I am not paid to share with you some of the products I mentioned on this post. I just thought you guys might be interested in finding out the products, and might be helpful to you as well. Therefore I like to share it with you. 


  1. This is really interesting. I can't give up meat, but kudos to you for doing this for your family.

  2. Good for you.. i do not think i could ever eliminate animals from my diet..

  3. Wow, I admire your strong will power Mommy. I think I won't have any problem without meat but it will sure tempt as my husband couldn't live without it.

  4. you are indeed right, eating right is the best way to get nutrients as well as a good balance diet.

  5. I love my veggies and my fruits. I also love my meat. I don't know if I could give it up 100% though. I love chicken but I can't stand fish or lobster or any seafood. I do not eat a lot of pork either. I do like my steak and hamburgers though. Keep up the good work though. I can imagine it is really healthy for you.

  6. Hooray to good health choices! I switched my family to lean white meats (chicken, turkey, fish) and my husband though I was trying to kill him. But I found so much inspiration through Pinterest recipe shares to deliver tasty fresh fruit and my whole family are used to eating better...BY THEIR OWN CHOICE! I'm still in shock when my kids choose carrots or grapes over the dessert table at pot-lucks. :D

  7. I wish I am brave enough to do this! i hope you will keep this form of healthy eating habit for a long, long time and may you reap all the benefits it claims

  8. WOW! Your assortment of meals that you show look fabulous..and I spied with my lil' eye a bottle of NuNaturals liquid vanilla-flavored stevia....I LIVE by that stuff. I just got a new one in the mail from Vitacost. I don't know what I would do without it.

  9. Congrats on your new journey. It is never easy to transition diets or change lifestyle. It takes a lot of courage

  10. I can see how mock meat would definitely help in the transition period. I'm not sure I could live without bacon but otherwise, yes.

  11. I would love to start a plant based diet. Only, I'm not a huge fan of veggies :/ I love their flavors but not so much their textures. And, I'm a big texture person. Any tips?

  12. Is there anything that got you to decide to do this? Is this expensive? I also must ask what is mock meat? Fake meat? Long ago I quit eating all beef until I met my husband and that changed. Longest time it was poultry or fish only. I'd like to go back to the healthier eating but worry about the expense. Your meals, most of them look really good. Do your kids ever get that ewww face? I really need to lose weight and once it cools down I'll be working out and trying to eat better. I have found so far the healthier eating is the most expensive. ;(

  13. What a delicious post! I want to eat more ethically because I'm really worried about how the animals are treated in the meat industry. But sadly it has not been possible this far.

  14. Very healthy and beneficial to the body. Keeping healthy is always in a good lifestyle.

  15. Yum! These look pretty delicious - I mostly eat plant based foods myself with the exception of fish here and there. It's very healthy for you as you said and my mom is following the same diet as you are and pushing me to go vegan. Maybe someday, you make it look so easy (except for eating on the road as you mention). Keep up the great work!


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