Monday, September 29, 2014

Family Time: A Short Hike In The Medicine Bow National Forest- Wyoming

Remember when we went on a weekend camping trip in the Medicine Bow National Forest? Well, this is sort of a continuation. Our camping trip isn't really complete without going on a hike whether it is a long hike or a short one. We just want to go explore or more like wander around in the bushes or in the thicket of the forest. We didn't go on any hiking trails at all, but we went on a hike up on the hill behind our campsite, not far from Friend Park CG. It was beautiful and peaceful up there and the Aspen trees where they have turned golden yellow where absolutely stunning! The kids had a great time during our short exploration and it also made us all hungry and ready for our supper by the campfire. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_5420_zps8dc49029.jpg

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 photo IMG_5419_zps8fc1dfb5.jpg
The birds have been busy pecking on this tree. 

 photo IMG_5399_zpscf852416.jpg

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 photo IMG_5455_zps2ed7505f.jpg

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 photo IMG_5410_zps8f7db34c.jpg
Must climb rocks! 

 photo IMG_5444_zpse91cb507.jpg

 photo IMG_5464_zps363da60e.jpg

 photo IMG_5426_zps20a35e83.jpg

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 photo IMG_5451_zpsae475127.jpg
Once a teacher, always a teacher. He was showing the kids about what a lightning strike can do to a tree. And he was teaching the kids about mosses and all that. 

 photo IMG_5447_zpsfd0d2da3.jpg

 photo IMG_5449_zps74ed40ee.jpg
Thanks to my boy for the picture. He did good! 

 photo IMG_5443_zpscbef94bc.jpg
As he was resting, my little man said, "Mom, look at this pine tree. It is like a bench. Come sit with me. This is our resting spot". And look at those cracked shells. It looks like some critters have been busy cracking up some pine nuts. 

 photo IMG_5438_zps7b8627a9.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zps113f931c.jpg

 photo IMG_5527_zpsa391d168.jpg
On our way back to our camp, my husband found a shelter, Or a cave, which my husband said it was an Indian cave. He either thought that they used this area as their summer camp only and they would migrate somewhere before the winter or they could have lived here all year round. Who knows! All he knows was that the smoke up on the ceiling of the rocks indicates that the Indians were here a long time ago and this is where they would cook their hunt for the day. My husband found a skull of some type of a rodent, a bear's claw, and some other animal bones. Pretty interesting! 

That is one of the reasons why we live to hike. You will never know what you might find or discover along the way. 

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 photo IMG_5503_zps2147ecd8.jpg

And then it was time for us to go home. Thank you, Medicine Bow National Forest for the wonderful time. Until next time! 

 photo IMG_5543_zps1c02553b.jpg

 A photo of an old church with a gorgeous view of the mountains in the background. There was a wedding held up here when we were there, and what a beautiful place to get married at, right? 


  1. Medicine Bow National Forest is the best place to spend a little time with family and kids. It is the official title to a U.S forest. It is located the state of Wyoming and Colorado. Your share images represent that the kids are really enjoying hiking in this forest. I also want to go there with my wife and three kids after complete my west coast tour. I hope it will also memorable for me and family.

    1. Thank you, Jani Jack! We love it there and it is nice that it is not that far from where we live in Wyoming. I am sure your family will have a great time.


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