Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little Temporary Teepee For The Little Girl Bee

There is just something about a Teepee that makes kids (and kids-at-heart) excited. I was even excited to make my little girl her own little temporary teepee. I promised them last year I was going to make them one, but that didn't happen. This one is temporary because I am going to make them one that is big enough that will fit both of them. I will be using some canvas drop cloth for the big one and let my kids decorate it. I get so excited just thinking about it. Don't you? After I finished the teepee, my little girl invited me over to her room and asked me if I could read her some books in her teepee. It is so special and so sweet. In fact right now, as I am writing this, my little girl and daddy are in her room reading a book. She gets more and more excited about hanging out in her room now that she has her own teepee. 

The fabrics used on this project are rummage sale find from last year or a couple years ago. They were 25 cents per fabric so both the yellow one and the blue one are worth 50 cents. Awesome! I forgot how much the dowels were, but it was not that much. This project cost me about $10ish? 

No tutorials this time on this one because there is a sea of tutorials online now. It is easy to make, really. Maybe when I get the other big Teepee or tent done, I might have a tutorial on that one. I have already found the one that I want to make for my kids and I am excited! Thank goodness for Pinterest! Have you made one before? Do share! 

 photo IMG_5350_zps3dd47190.jpg

 photo IMG_5348_zpsd5def2df.jpg

 photo IMG_5341_zps94f0eba4.jpg

 photo IMG_5343_zps52243ea1.jpg
Reading stories to her stuffed toys. 

 photo IMG_5344_zpsb052dc9c.jpg

 photo IMG_5360_zps6da70694.jpg

 photo IMG_5346_zpsc248fecc.jpg

 photo IMG_5359_zps4c5ccd3f.jpg

 photo IMG_5357_zpsd9bc148a.jpg

 photo IMG_5363_zpsea9f7a6d.jpg
Don't mind that big black paint stain on the carpet. Hopefully it'll get replaced, soon! Have a great one!


  1. You are so clever! The tepee is so cute and Selby looks snug as a bug with her special toys and books surrounding her. She can not be any more adorable. I just love her smile and her attitude. BTW, the room looks like a happy place for a happy little girl.

  2. Oh such a great idea, I would love to try that. What did you use for a stand Mommy?

  3. Very nice. Kids like little getaways like that. They feel special and it's like their own space. Next you need to make a canvas one that they can sleep in and play in outdoors. Lol. That would be a challenge but awesome. Good work.

  4. That's awesome. My son's room has teepees painted on the walls (and other Am. Indian stuff). His dad painted it when he was born. This would be an awesome addition to the room. :)


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