Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Time: Mother Nature's (Inedible) Cotton Candy- Cattail

Yesterday's hike was a windy one, but it was nice and warm. We didn't go far this time and we went back to the Glendo Dam Wetlands Interpretive Trail. This trail is an easy 2-mile hike along the river, just below the dam, with a bike trail on the other side (not for beginners), and with another wide trail on the other that is stroller accessible. There are benches along the river, a couple of observation piers and fishing access. 

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Because it was windy yesterday, the air was filled with cattail particles flying everywhere. It was sure beautiful though every time the wind blows and all the cotton-y cattail blows up into the air. I know my kids had a great time playing with them. And to me, they kind of look like Mother Nature's (Inedible) white cotton-candy. Don't you think? 

 photo IMG_6222_zpsab585ce8.jpg

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You know how sometimes I can be so weird. I mean, I look at some things differently. Like this one, for instance. I look at it and I see a face and I see shapes. You know what I mean? Sure, I have to prove my weirdness. 

 photo IMG_6218_zps334edc97.jpg

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While on our way back to the Jeep, I was walking with my little girl and suddenly I became so frustrated. I became frustrated because I was in a hurry to get back. I was ready to get back to the Jeep and head back home, but my little girl was so slow. She didn't want me to carry her because she wanted to stop to pick up rocks along the way and play with the sand. I got so impatient waiting for her and I got a bit irritated. Then I realized something. She is just a child with short little legs and here I was making her walk fast so she can keep up with me. I thought to myself, why am I frustrated? We are out here on the trail enjoying some outdoor time with the family and I am frustrated and in a hurry to get back home. That is not right! I shouldn't be and I should enjoy this moment with my little girl. 

 photo IMG_6216_zps9ea8e686.jpg

 photo IMG_6212_zps4d3e5b25.jpg

Whether it is a big bridge or a small bridge, kids will always find it interesting. Even adults, sometimes. 

 photo IMG_6206_zpsb55852e8.jpg

Something reminded me that she is just a child and she sees the world differently. She is a child who pays attention to the little things in life that otherwise we as adults tend to ignore. Like spotting all those pretty little sparkly rocks on the trail that she collected and wanted to take them home. And the sand that seems so interesting for an almost 3-year old child because of the footprints she sees in the sand. She is a child who gets excited at a sight of a bug, an ant, and even the animal poop on the road, etc. She pays attention to things like that because she is a curious child who is learning about the big world around her. And I should not be frustrated about that. I finally calmed myself down and I let her be. I stood beside her with a smile on my face watching my child while she was exploring, learning and enjoying life. 

 photo IMG_6208_zps0a7d6380.jpg

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(I think in life sometimes we have to apply the purpose of why an Observation Pier or Deck is there. The purpose is that it is there for people to Stop. Look. And Listen. To stop and observe the life that surrounds us. Look and appreciate the Life that you have. And, Listen to the people that truly love and care for us. Enjoy Life To The Fullest.)

A hike like this with my family helps remind me that I should see the world the way a child sees it. To take things easy, stop, relax, pay attention to the world around you, and enjoy life. That I should not be frustrated and in a hurry to get back home, but instead enjoy the moment. Soak it in. That I should enjoy my kids while they are little because someday, they will all be grown up and on their own. I had no reason to be in a hurry to get back home and I had no reason to be frustrated. Sure, we would make it back home a bit early and then what? I figured if I don't calm myself down and enjoy this moment that I would get home feeling bad and guilty instead. So I stopped and I let her be. I let her explore, play in the sand and collect all the pretty little sparkly rocks (as she calls it) till her heart's content. Patience is another key to a successful parenting, and I need lots of it. It is amazing what a little child can teach you about the world. Don't you agree?

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Next on the destination is the Muddy Bay Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail, which is located on the east side of Muddy Bay. I don't think I have been there, so I am interested on a new hiking location not farm from home. Have a great one! 

Glendo State Park, 
Glendo Lake, 
Glendo, Wyoming


  1. You guys do a lot of fun things. It seems like you are always on the go!

  2. Nature walks this time of year are a wonderful, healthy way to bond as a family. I think creative people do look at things and often see something else. Beautiful photos.

  3. Love this essay!! and the photos of course.

  4. Wow... gorgeous views. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  5. What a hike!! we do not have anything remotely close to that around here.. we only get small ones that blow all the pollen around.

  6. I love looking at your pictures! They are absolutely beautiful. I really like the "cotton candy." I also agree with your comment that we should try to see the world as a child sees it. Wonderful advice.

  7. O always love seeing this kind of cotton candy by the creek, they are gorgeous. I always love your outdoor adventures Mommy!

  8. I can see why she'd want to stop and explore everything. My youngest was exactly the same way. He had to take it all in!

  9. I haven't seen cat tails in forever! This brought back memories!

  10. Very cool! I didn't know that cattails become cottontails!!

  11. I haven't tried hiking. I think I am not a "hiking" person. But I guess it would be an adventure to try it here in the mountains. :) But it sure looks fun. Love the photos, by the way.

  12. Firstly you have captured some BEAUTIFUL photos! Secondly I guess I have that same issue lol I see things in stuff too lol I totally seen what you saw in the photo! LOL :)

  13. I never thought of it that way, but it really does look like cotton candy! I love your photos - great nature shots!

  14. I have seen that face too!! hahaha

  15. Those cattails are really neat! And I totally see the faces in that one photo, without you drawing it.

  16. I love hiking its is probably one of my favorite activities. I am really big into nature. You captured some of the most beautiful pictures.

  17. These pictures are absolutely stunning! I would love to be able to walk around there with my family and just enjoy nature and its beauty!

  18. What a beautiful place for a Hike! Gorgeous pictures


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