Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Product Review/Giveaway: Glass Dharma Glass Straws (Handmade In The USA) (CLOSED)

Have you ever heard of Glass Dharma before? If not, then let me clue you in on what this company is all about. Read the information below.

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"Since March of 2007 GlassDharma has been producing glass drinking straws. The  GlassDharma mission is to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Glass Straws provide an alternative that eliminates the need for straws made from plastic."

Why choose GlassDharma?
GlassDharma straws not only replace their plastic and toxic counterparts, but they can be used to bring a touch of elegance, conversation and lots of compliments whenever used. Fundraise for a worthy cause and help eliminate plastics from your diet, and our landfills and oceans.

  • Kid friendly and safe

  • Great for all hot or cold drinks

  • Perfect in specialty drinks – bubble teas, shakes and smoothies, iced drinks

  • Beautiful in cocktails – great accessory for any martini glass

  • Concerned about staining your teeth or decay? Use for wine, coffee and teas

  • About a month ago I had the chance to try Glass Dharma's glass straws in different shapes and sizes. I am absolutely impressed of all their products and at first I thought the glass straws would be made thin, but it actually is well made and thick. I also love the other straws with the decorative dots on it, I think it just adds character, it's festive, and something to talk about. My little girl loves the tiny red dotted straw because it is perfect for  her size. She loves using it when drinking her milk, water or some juice.

     photo GlassDharmaCollage_zps46d9b01e.jpg
    Wondering if you could take the Glass Dharma glass straw with you? Absolutely! It is nice to have your own glass straw whenever and wherever you need it. Just use one of their Hemp sleeves to carry your glass straws safely in your purse. The nice thing about the Glass Dharma straw is, is that it is reusable, handmade in the USA, and you know you are doing a wonderful thing for our environment by choosing the glass straw instead of the plastic one. These glass straws are easy to  clean up with the use of their own brushes that you can buy from their website. Take note though, the brushes "do not automatically come with" all the Glass straw purchases so when you order some, don't forget to order the brushes as well. I personally like the glass straw myself and I have actually brought it with me on one of our trips.
     photo sleeves_zps8a10717b.jpg

    Here are the types of glass straws available at Glass Dharma:

    Simple Elegance
     photo plains_zps18c01f59.jpg

    Decorative Dots
     photo dots_zpsb6b4bd4e.jpg
    Beautiful Bends
     photo bends_zps694adcb7.jpg

    Just take a look at how well my little girl can use the glass straw. She definitely enjoys drinking her milk or her juice. 
     photo GlassDharmaCollage_zps869b4433.jpg

     photo DrinkCollage_zps9ef68123-1_zps9cc50b36.jpg

    CAUTION: Do not leave your child unattended using the glass straw or walk around with the straw in their mouth.

    I think these glass straws would be perfect for when you are hosting a party. It comes in different sizes and shapes so everybody can have their own choice of glass straws to use. To checkout the rest of their products, visit Glass Dharma at http://glassdharma.com/. Thank you! 

    And because we want you to have your own fun, festive and Eco-friendly glass straws as well, the wonderful people of Glass Dharma has offered a $25 Gift Certificate Gift Code to one lucky giveaway winner! Awesome! All you have to do is follow the steps below.

    For the Giveaway
    (US Only)

    (One entry per person. You must leave me a comment telling me you did the entries and leave your contact information in case you are the winner.)

    - Out of the three styles Glass Dharma glass straws have, which one is your favorite?
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    1. This is the first time I heard about a glass straw but I think its very useable.

    2. Interesting. My first to hear about this kind of straw. This is good for the kids as well as for toddlers that still drink bottle milk and training them to drink milk in a glass. I like the Decorative Dots and Beautiful bends.

      Joining the giveaway adin and did all the required entry. shrqz28@yahoo.com

    3. Looks really an interesting product, Mommy Adin! My daughter Triz here is a sucker of straws that she almost always uses one every time she drinks. I always have to remind her to be economical because I don't like to spend money on just straws. Lol. Now this glass straw sounds like a perfect thingy for my Triz!

      Thanks for sharing, Mommy!

    4. oh cool! this is the coolest glass straw i've ever seen. It's good that it is reusable. how neat.

    5. this kind of straw definitely adds elegance in our drinks to make it even more look fancier :D

    6. interesting, this is the first time I heard about glass straw.. looks elegant

    7. wow, that is really fascinating and very fancy too! I've never used a glass straw before. I'll check this out....thanks for sharing mami!

    8. That's new to me as well, never saw a glass straw. Would it break if you drop it? Love Shelby's smile, very sweet!

    9. aww.. I want that.:) but maybe when the kids are a little older or else it will all end pulverized. haha

    10. My favorite is the beautiful bends. I love a bendy straw.

    11. I follow glass dharma on twitter

    12. I like glass dharma on fb.

    13. interesting product and great giveaway mommy. you have a cute daughter and i love her smile.

    14. Very interesting. Haven't heard of this straw or used it. Definitely would love to have and try for my kids at home who like to use straw in their drinks.

      Out of the all the straws, I like the decorative dots. It's cool and fun.

      Liked them on FB.

      Followed on Twitter.

    15. Haven't seen anything like it. My little one would love to use this straw but I have to very watchful that she might break it. Cool!

    16. Awww! Look how happy and pretty your little girl is Mommy Adin :) She sure is enjoying the glass straw. This is a great straw and product to try. We are not using straw except from the fast food :)

    17. such a nice straw, this is good since we know that this is eco-friendly and is easy to use.

    18. this is the first time I heard of this company. Glass straws are surely good for our health but it has to be used with utmost care most especially when used by kids.

    19. I would love the bendy straw mommy, I never heard of glass straw either. How cool! Joined and follow and became a fan of Glass Dharma on FB and Twitter.

    20. As they say plastic is bad because of some toxic in it that can be harmful to the human body but with glass straw, I was curious! I wanted to try one!

    21. Very cool innovation and environmentally friendly as well. I would love to use this glass straw especially for our kids that likes to use straw when they are drinking their beverages.

    22. came back here to finish my entry. I followed on twitter via @melcoleofpausa. liked them in facebook as Mel Montana.


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