Monday, January 27, 2014

My Little Model Wanna Be

My little girl who is not so little anymore. Even with tantrums and all, I love this age. It is a stage where she is learning a lot about her world and learning new words pretty much every day. I love it when she says "please", "thank you", "welcome, mama" or "mama, help me!" It is so sweet to listen to. 

Right now, I am her best friend and she depends on me. In some ways, she is also independent and loves to do things on her own. She loves to hang out with me. She loves to eat with me and sometimes we share a plate. When we go outside, she loves to hold hands with me. She loves her big brother even though sometimes these two don't get along so well. I know that someday, I am going to miss these things and I am savoring every minute of it. She is funny and has a sense of humor. She is a sweet girl, yet she can scream like a BanShee when a tantrum strikes. But I love her and she is my growing terrific two-year old little girl. And my little model. 

 photo IMG_2708_zpsc4a5d229.jpg
Don't ask me about the cup. It's a little thing called "bribe" so she would pose in front of the camera. Not that she needed encouragement because obviously she loves her pictures taken. *wink* It makes her more interested in taking photos that way because she gets a treat. 

I made her this dress out of a thrifted vintage dress I got from a rummage sale last year. I was going to alter the dress and turn it into my skirt, but I decided to make her a dress instead. This was an easy sewing and I didn't have a pattern at all. A simple dress yet I think it looks pretty on her. It has a button closure on the back. I have a little piece of fabric left from this project and will turn that into a skirt. Oh dear! I have some sewing to do yet I can't keep up.
 photo IMG_2707_zps264732b1.jpg

 photo IMG_2705_zps462ef389.jpg

 photo IMG_2703_zps70ccfe4c.jpg

 photo IMG_2779_zps1a2e9bdc.jpg
Vintage Christmas Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: crazy8

 photo IMG_2644_zps3f06b2ae.jpg
Pretty in Pink.
She picked out all of her clothes, by the way. 

 photo IMG_2573_zps9089be8d.jpg
Vintage Dress: Thrifted 

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!!! Stay safe and warm. 


  1. She's so pretty! I love to learn to sew too. I'm actually imagining of clothes to sew already. :D

  2. she definitely looks like a cute child model! :3 I wish I had sewing skills too! It must be awesome to create your own dresses <3 More cute pictures to come hihi!

  3. Omg she's so cute. My favorite is you're welcome, as well. It sounds like "you're gelcome", makes me giggle every time.

  4. she looks very cute sis. I love her outfits. who knows in the near future right?

  5. Your little girl is so adorable! Ang cute, alam na alam na pumili ng outfit. Hihi. :))

  6. She can be a model for sure Mommy, magaling magposing eh. I wish I could sew like you.

  7. she sure is such a pretty little bundle of joy, makes me wish i also have a little girl that i can dress up. sewing sure is a handy skill, i wish i'd have asked my Mama to teach me this when she was still around....

  8. She is so cute!! Love the dresses that you sewed and the thrifted outfit too. She has her Mamma's sense of style.

  9. Mommy Adin, your darling Selby is beautiful and definitely a model in the making. I love that you are digging for somebody's trust and made it fabulous for your kids by sewing them. Awesome job :-)

  10. I love that she keeps still in front of the camera. my daughter won't stop moving. :(

  11. She is sooo pretty! She looks like a mixed version of you and your hubby!

  12. These photos are so adorable, love that hat, she is quite the model!

  13. she is so adorable and gorgeous!


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